What is the “Recap of Activity”?

This section of the report is included with every report that has device activity. The Recap of Activity gives you a good way to keep an eye on things. It gives you a quick glimpse of what the member is viewing, and there shouldn’t be any additional explicit content in this section. But don’t skip it – our AI can make mistakes or you may spot something else worth discussing with the person you are supporting. Use this section to maintain a sense of how the member is doing.

How are all images processed?

  • Random screenshots are captured on your device.
  • Those images are rated, as either explicit or non-explicit, by our artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The rated images are blurred and then securely transferred to our encrypted servers in order to produce a report.
  • The Screen Activity to Review section will contain any images rated as explicit during the reporting period.
  • The Review section will only appear on the report when either explicit images, Unmonitored Screen Activity, or a Service Interruption has been detected during the reporting period.
  • The Recap of Activity section will contain a sampling of non-explicit images from the reporting period.
  • The Recap section is included with every report that has device activity.

Note: The majority of images processed by our system are rated as non-explicit.

Is this section of the report a purely random selection of images?

  • No, this section is a mixture of random and intentionally selected images.
  • All images in this section were rated as non-explicit by our AI.
  • At most, 15 images will be in this section. (We simply can’t fit all of the non-explicit concerning images into a report.)
  • The first seven (7) were selected because of their rating. They were rated by the AI as non-explicit, but had the highest ratings in that group of non-explicit images.
  • The first images can reveal the direction the member is heading, concerning or not concerning.
  • The other eight (8) were randomly selected from the non-explicit images received during the reporting period.

Note: In most case, allies don’t see anything worrisome in the Recap section. Early feedback from allies about this section included gratitude, confusion, and indifference. We listened and adjusted; we will continue to listen and adjust. Thank you for your feedback!

What about the artificial intelligence?

The AI should give images containing sexually explicit content a high rating which will, in turn, activate the Screen Activity to Review section of the report. But AI can make mistakes. That’s why we encourage allies to look over the Recap of Activity. As we continue to train the AI these mistakes should become less and less frequent.

While we understand that a variety of material can trigger an unhealthy response in an actual person, when it came to our initial training of the AI we couldn’t use a broad range of material. That means that images pertaining to lingerie, swimsuits, or underwear will not likely to be detected as pornography. Those images won’t get the same type of rating. We believe that one day we will be able to add in that refinement; we know that some allies would appreciate a category like that. As we expand and improve the AI’s ability to detect and score explicit material, we are also paving the way for an additional category of scanned images.

How do non-explicit images provide value?

The ally has seen a helpful glimpse of what the member is doing online. Because of that, the ally knows how to support the member, to help the member achieve his or her goals. The non-explicit images in the Recap section can lead to good conversations about how the member can achieve greater success.

Thank you for your interest. If you have additional questions or comments, please contact our Member Care team.

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