What is Recap of Activity?

This article will explain the Recap of Activity report section, answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and suggest some related articles:

Recap of Activity

This section is on every report that has device activity. All images in this section were rated as non-explicit by our AI. We encourage all allies to look at the Recap of Activity:

If the member is using Covenant Eyes on only one device, The Recap of Activity section will show 15 images.

If the member is using Covenant Eyes on more than one device, The Recap of Activity section will show a group of images for each active device during the reporting period. Each device will have *up to* 8 screenshots. In some cases, we take less than 8 screenshots (i.e. the member spent little time on his or her device).

In both cases, the AI has selected what it thinks are the images that will be most beneficial to the ally. In most reports, allies don’t see anything worrisome in the Recap section. They simply get a look at the member’s “screen life” and know how to support the person they are helping.


Why are there no screenshots from the iPhone/iPad?

Our iPhone/iPad app only takes screenshots of activity inside of the Covenant Eyes browser. If you don’t use the Covenant Eyes browser on your iOS device, there won’t be any screenshots from your iPhone/iPad on your report. For best protection, we recommend using our iOS browser.

How do the monitoring and screen-capturing processes work?

  1. Random screenshots are captured on your device.
  2. Those images are rated, as either explicit or non-explicit, by our artificial intelligence (AI).
  3. The rated images are blurred and then securely transferred to our encrypted servers in order to produce a report.

What does the AI classify as explicit?

A variety of material can trigger an unhealthy response in a person, but our AI sorts content as explicit or non-explicit. This means that images like lingerie, swimsuits, and underwear will not likely be detected as “explicit.” In the future, we may add a semi-explicit refinement to the AI.

How do non-explicit images provide value?

Non-explicit images provide context for how the member uses his or her devices. These images can lead to positive, reinforcing conversations about the member’s behavior.

What’s the difference between the Recap of Activity section and Screen Activity to Review?

The Recap of Activity section will appear on every report that has a least one active device and shouldn’t contain any explicit content. Screen Activity to Review will only appear on a report when either explicit images, Unmonitored Screen Activity, or a Service Interruption was detected during the reporting period.

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