How do I fix the “private/var/container” message in the Covenant Eyes app for iPhone®?

It’s rare, but you may see this message when you re-open our browser:


Select an option below to learn about this message and fix it:

What is this message?

This message is from our VPN service. Our VPN runs in the background of your phone to provide device-wide domain (website) monitoring and filtering. This random message may occur after an iPhone® or iPad®’s operating system (iOS) updates.

Will this message show up as part of my activity?

You may see this message show up as part of your activity if you’re using an older version of our iPhone® app with email reports:

  • Victory Members: if you’re using the Victory app for reporting, you will not see this message in the Activity Feed.
  • If you’re running Covenant Eyes for iPhone® version 5.4.11 or above, you will not see this message on your report.
  • If you’re running the Covenant Eyes app for iPhone® version 5.4.10 or below and use email reports, this message may appear in the Recap of Activity report section.

How do I fix this message?

Complete these steps in the order listed below to clear the message:

  1. Clear browsing history and browsing data to help remove this message from our app’s cache (saved data).
  2. Restart your device to re-launch the Covenant Eyes browser and our VPN service.
  3. In our browser, try to go to a new website. You fixed the issue if you can successfully load a new website!

If the above steps didn’t clear the message:

  1. Please uninstall the Covenant Eyes app and re-install it.
  2. If none of the above actions clear the message, please get in touch with Member Care via chat, email, or phone.