Free: The Covenant Eyes Podcast

Covenant Eyes has a new podcast! Join us as we talk about the ramifications of pornography use in our hyper-sexualized society.

Our podcast

Experts from a cross-section of fields join Covenant Eyes each week to talk about helping Christians battle pornography addictions, sexual brokenness, restoring marriages, and parenting in an over-sexualized culture.


Karen Potter, MA Ed.

Karen Potter is the Director of Marketing, Church & Affiliate Channels for Covenant Eyes.  Karen has over 25+ years of experience working in public and private education sectors, managing sales and marketing teams, and serving in Youth Ministry.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Systems Management from Purdue University and a Master of Arts in Education from Grand Canyon University. 

Brandon Clark, Church Marketing Specialist

Brandon Clark is a Church Marketing Specialist for Covenant Eyes. In addition to co-hosting the Covenant Eyes podcast and coordinating materials and events for churches, Brandon focuses on growing awareness and engagement surrounding the topic of pornography in the church. He resides on a hobby farm in Minnesota with his wife Tonia and daughter Isabella.

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