Are there phones without internet?

Covenant Eyes aims to help people overcome pornography with Screen Accountability. However, we know that different tools, like phones without the internet, can help people overcome pornography. This article explains some phones that do not have internet access:

Gabb Phone

The Gabb Phone was designed for children and young teens. It doesn’t support social media usage, games, or internet access. This phone operates on a 4G LTE network and has its own payment plan options. It has the ability to make phone calls and send texts, and contains the following apps: radio, music, video, camera, record, calendar, calculator, clock, files, contacts, and settings.

Light Phone

The Light Phone was designed around the concept of minimalism, so it’s very simple. It has the ability to make phone calls and send texts over the AT&T network. You can add a few apps: alarm clock, calculator, simple music player, and podcast tools. For additional information, check out their FAQ page.


Pinwheel was designed for children as a safe, first phone. They offer three different types of phones that run “PinwheelOS.” On Pinwheel devices, your child can only use approved apps, text, make/receive phone calls, use Bluetooth, and more! Parents can also remotely manage and control their child’s Pinwheel device. You can choose your own phone carrier, and use other safety apps (like Life360 and Bark) alongside Pinwheel. To learn more, visit their FAQ page.


Troomi offers its own operating system with safe apps. Troomi offers Samsung devices that support their apps and a carrier plan. These phones support Bluetooth, GPS services, and more!


The Wisephone is also minimal. It has the ability to make phone calls and send texts. It contains the following apps: calculator, camera, clock, maps, secure messaging, and settings. This phone has parental controls, has the ability to block cell numbers, location tracking, and supports Bluetooth.

Disclaimer: The information we’re sharing here is educational. We do not have business connections with these companies and have not tested their devices.

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