How can I pay for my Covenant Eyes subscription?

Covenant Eyes is a subscription-based monitoring and filtering service that requires a credit or debit card on file! Select an option below to learn about the different forms of payment Covenant Eyes will or will not accept:

What cards will Covenant Eyes accept?

Covenant Eyes accepts all major card providers: AMEX, VISA, Master Card, and Discover.

Does Covenant Eyes accept pre-paid cards or gift cards?

Yes, Covenant Eyes accepts most pre-paid cards and gift cards! However, there are some things to consider:

  • Some pre-paid cards do not support recurring charges for subscriptions, like Covenant Eyes. Check the card, the card manufacturer, or contact the card’s support number if you’re unsure if it supports recurring charges.
  • Some pre-paid cards require you to turn on online purchases for the card by calling the card’s support number or on the card manufacturer’s website.
  • Covenant Eyes accepts pre-paid cards (like VISA cards) but not store-specific gift cards (like Walmart gift cards).

Can I use PayPal to pay for my Covenant Eyes subscription?

Covenant Eyes accepts PayPal Cash Cards and PayPal debit cards. However, due to our payment processor, you cannot use your PayPal account information to pay for Covenant Eyes. 

Can I subscribe to Covenant Eyes via my bank account information?

No, you cannot use your bank account information (checking and routing numbers) to subscribe to Covenant Eyes.

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Can I mail Covenant Eyes checks for payment?

Covenant Eyes does not accept checks (in the mail or otherwise) for payment.

Can I use an app store?

If you use an iPhone® or iPad® you may subscribe via Apple’s App Store. Be aware that the monthly cost is higher than subscribing through our website.

Android™ users cannot currently subscribe to Covenant Eyes via the Google Play™ Store.

For additional information about in-app purchases, see In-App Purchase FAQs.

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