Mobile Background Data

The Mobile Background Data section of the report will only appear for members who use the Covenant Eyes app for iPhone®. In this section, any domains from an iPad® or iPhone®, detected as explicit, will be listed. Accountability for the whole iPhone works in two ways: 1) Screen Accountability within the Covenant Eyes app and 2) domain monitoring across all other apps and browsers.

What is a domain?

In simple terms, a domain is a website. It is a digital address, or URL, like or On iPhones and iPads, Covenant Eyes reports the root of the domain, called the “top-level” domain. This means that instead of reporting the entire website (i.e. we report the heart of the website (i.e.

Which app generated these domains?

We are unable to detect which app generated the domains. However, the name of some domains can give you an understanding of its origin. For example, is a Google advertisement.

How is this information helpful to me?

Our app sees all of the domains from your iPhone and will list (in this section of the report) any domains that are classified as explicit. Additionally, if you use the filtering service, you will see a “blocked” note next to any explicit domains. This section of the report is meant to help you initiate conversations with the member about their app and website usage. Here are some resources that can help you have constructive conversations with a member:

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5 Tips for Being an Effective and Caring Ally
The Two Most Important Questions to Ask If You Have a SetBack

How can I prevent mobile background data on my devices?

We highly recommend using the Covenant Eyes app as your primary browser. In compliance with Apple’s guidelines, we do not take screenshots inside of other apps. We only screenshot activity inside the Covenant Eyes browser. Any screenshots that are flagged from our browser will be highlighted on the next report for the ally to review.

So, for the best protection, use Apple’s Screen Time settings that can disable Safari, limit content, and control apps. This will enable you to turn off other apps that produce mobile background data.

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