What is Mobile Background Data?

The content of this article applies to older accounts that deliver activity information via email and My Account. The free Victory app provides 24/7 reporting and uses different terms for the same concept; it's available now!

Mobile Background Data are explicit domains (websites) from an iPhone® or iPad®. The Mobile Background Data report section only appears for members that use Covenant Eyes on iPhone® or iPad®.

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What is a domain?

A domain is a website, like ad.google.com or nike.com. On iPhones and iPads, Covenant Eyes tracks the domain’s root, the “top-level” domain.

In reports, we display the heart of the domain/website (e.g., facebook.com) instead of the entire website (e.g., facebook.com-user-profile-john-doe).

Which app generated these domains?

Accountability for iPhone®/iPad® works in two ways: Screen Accountability within the Covenant Eyes browser and Safari and domain (website) monitoring across all other apps.

However, we are unable to detect which app generated the domains. Sometimes the domain’s name can give you an understanding of its origin. For example, ad.google.com is a Google advertisement.

How is this information helpful to me?

Our app sees all the iPhone®/iPad®’s domains and will list any explicit domains in the Mobile Background Data report section:

  • Covenant Eyes cannot determine if the member intentionally viewed any domains because some apps generate activity in the background, display pop-up ads, and refresh content without the member’s knowledge or consent.
  • However, this report section should help Allies and members initiate conversations about the member’s app and website usage.
  • Allies will see “blocked” next to any explicit domains if the member uses our filter. Blocked means the member or device attempted to load a pornographic domain/site, but we stopped the connection.
  • Here are some resources to help you have constructive conversations about Mobile Background Data: How to Be the Best Ally Ever, 5 Tips for Being an Effective and Caring Ally, and The Two Most Important Questions to Ask If You Have a SetBack.

How can I reduce mobile background data on my devices?

Allies can set up device safeguards with members to help prevent Mobile Background Data:

Set-Up & Use Screen Time

Use Apple’s free parental controls, Screen Time, to limit adult content and protect our Safari extension from being uninstalled.

Use the Safari Browser

Have the member use the Safari app as much as possible so we can screen-capture their activity via our new Safari extension!

Adjust Background App Refresh

Turn off Background App Refresh for most apps to reduce unnecessary website traffic in the background. But leave it on for Covenant Eyes!