How do I fix the M071 error on Mac®?

Why did you receive this message?

The connection to the local API daemon (a background process) is broken or not running. This error is often, but not always, seen after some macOS updates.

What do you do next?

You can do three things:

    1. Make sure Mac Screen Time is not limiting or disabling the Covenant Eyes program. If it is, allow Covenant Eyes and restart the Mac.
    2. In earlier versions of macOS, Screen Time did not exist. If you are using an older Mac®  look for Parental Controls and disable that feature entirely.
    3. Try uninstalling Covenant Eyes and installing the latest version. Even if you’re on the latest version this step is strongly encouraged.

If none of the above actions fix the M071 error, please contact Member Care via chat, email, or phone. Any agent will be happy to assist you.

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