How do I fix the M062 error on Mac®?

Why did you receive this message?

This error indicates that Covenant Eyes needs Screen Recording permission on your Mac® .

What do you do next?

If your Mac is running OS 10.15 (aka Catalina) follow these steps and you’ll take care of the M062 error.

  1. When the M062 error window pops up, click the blue “Open Security Preferences” button.
  2. You should be brought right to the Security & Privacy option’s Privacy tab. The Screen Recording feature should be selected on the left side. Locate the Covenant Eyes entry and put a check in the box next to it.
  3. The operating system should immediately prompt you restart Covenant Eyes to allow this setting. After you click the blue “Quit Now” button Covenant Eyes will restart.
  4. Once Covenant Eyes has restarted, there will be a check in the box. You can close the System Preferences window.

You’ve taken care of the M062 error!

If the above action didn’t fix the M062 error, please contact Member Care via chat, email, or phone. Any agent will be happy to assist you.

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