Linux and Covenant Eyes

We occasionally receive questions about Linux and our service. This article answers the most frequently asked questions and offers a few suggestions.

Why doesn’t Covenant Eyes cover Linux?

For a variety of practical and technical reasons, we do not currently offer a product that works on Linux. To keep things brief, we’ll share two specific reasons here:

  • There are many operating systems based on the Linux kernel. While there are a few popular ones, the overall “Linux” family is heavily fragmented. Creating a Covenant Eyes product that would work on each distribution of Linux would be challenging.
  • While the fans of Linux are passionate fans, the market share is rather small. From a cost perspective, the small market share greatly reduces the value of research & development that would have to take place.

What about using Covenant Eyes for Android™ or Mac®?

Because Linux is “related” to Android, some people think that our Android app will work on a Linux device. In reality, the two operating systems are so distinct from one another that the Covenant Eyes app for Android will not work on a Linux device.

The same thing is true with Mac. The two operating systems, macOS and Linux, are distinct from each other. Using Covenant Eyes for Mac on a Linux device will not work.

What can I do now?

Ultimately the decision is up to you, but here are three options to consider:

  1. Set up house rules for technology.
    Internet devices should remain in public spaces, like the family room. Just as the wrong location can foster poor choices, the right location can empower good choices.
  2. Control the WiFi signal in your home.
    Most routers can be set to use a specific connection to the internet, and some connections automatically filter out explicit content. Two industry leaders offer this for free and have good set-up guides – CleanBrowsing and OpenDNS. But, be aware that other devices using Covenant Eyes Blocking may run into conflicts with the filter on the router.
  3. Consider another type of device.
    If online work needs to happen and, at the same time, online temptation needs to be dealt with, then don’t mess around. By continuing to use a Linux-based device you may be giving yourself leeway that you don’t need. Consider using a Windows or Mac device with Covenant Eyes installed on it. Not because you like those systems, but because you value victory over online temptations.
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