The Legacy Filter seems to be blocking everything.

This article applies only to members using our Internet Accountability service and, of those members, only the ones that are using the Filter feature.

There are two reasons why you may be having problems with your Filter.

First, you may be using a Filter level that’s too low for you. To address this, read about your options in “How do I set up my Filter?

Second, your Filter may have lost its connection to the Filter servers. If that should happen, the Filter will put up the standard block page and not allow the Filter Guardian to override the block.

To resolve the second possibility, close the browser. Then refresh Covenant Eyes by right-clicking the Covenant Eyes icon and selecting “Refresh Covenant Eyes.” (On Windows versions prior to, this option will say “Restart.”) Once Covenant Eyes has refreshed, you can reopen your browser and try again.

If this does not work, try restarting your computer and connecting to the web in a different way (data instead of Wifi, or vice versa). Doing so may restore the connection.

In some cases, the presence of an antivirus program or another filtering program can cause a conflict that shows up as the blocking of everything. An easy way to test out that scenario is to remove the antivirus and/or the additional filter, and, with Covenant Eyes remaining, try getting online again. For additional information about Covenant Eyes and antivirus programs, please read Will Covenant Eyes conflict with an antivirus program?

If you continue to have trouble, contact our Customer Support Team at 877-479-1119 or 989-720-8000.