What is the Legacy Filter Override? When would I need it?

What are override rights?

When a Filter user has override rights, they have the ability to allow a blocked page through the Filter without contacting their Filter Guardian. On Windows, this page is added to the Allow list. On Mac, Android™, iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad®, this override lasts only until either Covenant Eyes is refreshed or until the user signs out of Covenant Eyes.

Because the override feature is disabled by default, it must be manually enabled by the person controlling the Filter, who we call the Filter Guardian.

Why would I enable the Filter Override?

Often adult Filter users merely wish to block themselves from inadvertently viewing objectionable sites. These users might want Filter Override rights for the purpose of blocking objectionable advertisements or accidentally visiting an inappropriate website. When a site is blocked, these users have the ability to override the Filter and allow the website, if it is a site that they were expecting or a site they believe is appropriate for their age group.

Ultimately, the Filter Override rights are meant to provide protection against inadvertently viewing objectionable content by allowing users to make informed decisions about what they view online.

If you are a Filter Guardian, be sure to have a conversation with the Filter User about why they would use the Filter Overrides before deciding whether or not to enable them.