How do I fix the “Your device is currently offline and not connected to the internet.” message in the Covenant Eyes app for iPhone®?

The “Your device is currently offline and not connected to the internet” message only appears in our iPhone®/iPad® browser when there is no internet connection or it’s weak. This article will cover:

What is this message?

This error message only appears in our iPhone® and iPhone® browser when there is either a weak or a non-existent internet connection.

Will this message show up on my report?

No, it will not show up on your report because it’s simply an internet connection error message.

How do I fix this message?

Complete these steps in the order listed below to clear the message:

    1. If you’re using a WiFi connection, check that your iPhone® or iPad® is connected.
    2. If you’re using a Cellular connection, verify that cellular access is enabled in your device’s Settings app.
    3. Restart your device to re-launch the Covenant Eyes browser and our VPN service.
    4. In our browser, attempt to load a website. If you’re able to successfully load a new website, the issue is resolved!

If the above steps didn’t clear the message:

    1. Please uninstall the Covenant Eyes app and re-install it.
    2. If none of the above actions clear the message, please reach out to Member Care via chat, email, or phone.