iOS 14 VPN Issues (iPhone®)

There are reports of iPhone® users who have upgraded to iOS 14 and are unable to browse while using a VPN. We have a dedicated team re-examining our app and looking for any nuances that may have been introduced with iOS 14. We will update this page as developments occur.

Along with a variety of reports, we have seen a variety of “fixes.” We are not confident that any of these fixes are true solutions. Why? Because there is not one “fix” that works every time. However, if you’d like to try them, some are listed down below.

If you’d rather contact us for live assistance, please reach out to our Member Care team.

Update 12/10/20
Our original investigation revealed two things:

  1. A connection issue that was outside of our control. We filed bug reports with the companies involved, hoping that we could collaborate for a solution. There were no responses. We also filed a report with Apple, and they have confirmed the reality of the issue. So, we are currently attempting to create a legitimate solution (not a band-aid) to the connection issue(s) that people are experiencing.
  2. There is likely more than one issue going on. This is seen in the fact that some members run into it on cellular networks but not Wi-Fi, and other people have seen the issue on both cellular and Wi-Fi. Additionally, our prototypes have shown progress, but not a complete resolution.

Update 1/19/21

  1. The development team tested a prototype with a very small group of members who are on the Sprint/T-Mobile network. The results were encouraging, and a new version of the prototype is being constructed.
  2. A conversation was started in our online forum. Members can ask questions, share their experience, and get first hand updates from Product Manager Ryan Sherrett.

Update 1/27/21

This is expected to go out next week, via email, to our iOS-using members.

Refresh the Covenant Eyes App for iPhone.

  1. Begin by opening the app and tapping the menu icon.
  2. Then tap the “Refresh” option and look for the confirmation message (“Settings Refreshed”). Once you see that confirmation you can try browsing.

Switch from Wi-Fi to Data, or vice versa.

This is a general troubleshooting step. In the event that an issue is related to the signal (or connection), switching to a different signal can resolve such an issue and allows you to return to browsing.


Follow these three steps and then try to browse once again.

  1. Uninstall the Covenant Eyes app.
  2. Reboot the iPhone (aka power off the phone, wait a few moments, restart the phone)
  3. Reinstall the Covenant Eyes app.