Internet Accountability for Android

This article describes our original service, Internet Accountability, for Android™. It focused on monitoring URLs (web addresses).


Our new service is Screen Accountability™ and it uses random screenshots, on-device blurring, and advanced artificial intelligence to provide modern accountability for people using Android devices.

Basic Requirements

  • A current Covenant Eyes account. (The app will not work for people who are simply an ally and/or an Account Administrator.) Sign up today!
  • An Android device that runs version 6.0.0 or higher.
  • The Covenant Eyes for Android app is not compatible with Chromebooks or Nooks.

App Features

  • Use any browser. Our app provides device-wide coverage.
  • Accountability across all apps. Covenant Eyes uses a VPN-like technology to monitor and rate the main domains visited anywhere on your phone or tablet. We then list all of them in the detailed browsing log. Any Highly Mature (or explicit) domains will appear as an Incident in your Internet Accountability report.
  • Forced safe search. We now force safe search in Google and Bing in all browser views (Chrome, Opera, Dolphin, etc.). This includes browsers that might be “embedded” in other apps, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc. This also includes a forced safe search in the Bing and Google Search Apps.
  • Switch User. This makes it easy for kids to share a tablet, while keeping their online activities distinct.
  • Built in app locking. Don’t want any access to certain apps? Use our App Lock feature to prevent access to those apps. You can even lock down the Google Play store! Learn more about App Locking.
  • Circumvention is difficult. Attempts to remove Covenant Eyes will cause a notification to be sent to your Covenant Eyes ally.

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Accountability

Q: Is this app a VPN?

A: While our app is not a VPN, it does use some of the functionality of a VPN. When using Internet Accountability, the Android operating system will always display the VPN icon (a key). Please note, this means you cannot use another VPN while using our app. Check out this article for additional details about our VPN-like technology.

Q: What is monitored if I’m using Internet Accountability?

A: Thanks to the technology mentioned in the last question, Covenant Eyes for Android monitors the top-level domains accessed across your entire Android phone or tablet. It’s not looking at the screen, it’s focused on the URLs/links that your device is making.

Q: When I’m using Internet Accountability can Covenant Eyes monitor the web addresses in all apps?

A: Yes, we monitor in all apps. Each top-level domain (address) is entered into the Detailed Browsing Log. Web addresses are then presented in the Internet Accountability report based on the settings determined by the person receiving the report. This reporting happens whether you visit that site while using Private Browsing or through Twitter or even using the in-app browser of your Bible app. *We do not currently report the subdomains. That means that if you visit a known pornography site, we will only report the main address. Here is an example: a visit to would show up in the report as

Q: Can I tell what web content on my report came from my phone?

A: URLs beginning with the letters ‘DNS’ note that the URL was detected on a mobile device. The emailed report identifies devices that were active or inactive during the reporting period.

Q: Does this app support Filtering?

A: Yes, Internet Accountability does support Filtering. The starting point is automatic, and the same, for every member using Internet Accountability. Our app uses CleanBrowsing DNS to 1) block known porn domains and 2) lock in SafeSearch for Google and Bing in all apps. You, or your Filter Guardian, are able to change the DNS settings (within our App Lock settings). There is an additional option to lock in YouTube’s Restricted mode. If you add the Covenant Eyes Filtering service, you will be able to increase the level of blocking that CleanBrowsing provides. You will not be able to customize a list of Blocked or Allowed sites.

Q: Will my App Lock settings carry over to other phones?

A: No, your App Lock settings are determined by both your username and that specific device. The first time you use your username on an additional Android device, App Lock settings will be turned off and you will be able to adjust those according to your needs.

Q: Will every username on my phone/tablet have the same App Lock settings?

A: No. Each username can have separate App Lock settings for that device.