Can you get around Covenant Eyes?

Covenant Eyes has safeguards in place to reinforce accountability! This article will cover the following questions:

Can you sign out of Covenant Eyes?

No, you cannot sign out of Covenant Eyes! We do not have a “sign out” option for our software, so members cannot disable accountability/monitoring.

To change the username currently logged into Covenant Eyes, you can select the Switch User option.

Can you disable Covenant Eyes?

The only way to disable our monitoring software is to uninstall Covenant Eyes. To uninstall Covenant Eyes, you must enter an uninstall code.

What is an uninstall code?

An uninstall code is a unique key that unlocks our removal file. The uninstall code changes every day, is only active for the day it’s generated, and can be used on multiple devices.

Your Covenant Eyes ally will be alerted via email if you generate an uninstall code.

Who can generate an uninstall code?

The Account Administrator can generate an uninstall code at any time. The Administrator also can choose which members on their account can generate uninstall codes. Administrators can disable a member’s ability to generate an uninstall code by removing their uninstall permission.

Note for iPhone® and iPad® Users: Per Apple, Covenant Eyes cannot require an uninstall code to remove the Covenant Eyes app for iPhone®. However, you can use Apple’s free, built-in Screen Time settings to safeguard Covenant Eyes from being removed.

Can you delete screenshots or activity from a report?

No, you cannot delete screenshots or activity from a report; Nor can Covenant Eyes alter, edit, or change a report’s information or data.

Can anyone cancel Covenant Eyes?

Only the Account Administrator can cancel Covenant Eyes.

If you want to cancel Covenant Eyes, the Account Administrator must contact Member Care via chat, email, or phone.

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