Can I use Covenant Eyes without an ally?

An ally is a person that receives your accountability report and helps hold you accountable for your device activity.

Regardless if you want an ally, Covenant Eyes can help you find freedom from pornography! Select an option below to learn about Covenant Eyes and our suggestions for finding an ally:

I’m ready to overcome pornography, but I don’t want an ally.

Pornography can be a vulnerable subject. But we’re happy you’re here!

In most cases, sheer willpower, going “cold turkey,” or fighting against pornography solo doesn’t typically lead to success.

Subscribe to Covenant Eyes and use our tools to help you find freedom:

I am ready to overcome pornography, and I want an ally.

Many people find freedom from pornography when they reach out for help to a trusted friend. Please note that allies don’t have to pay Covenant Eyes; Being an ally is free!

Here are some suggestions for finding an ally:

  • Partner: spouses and romantic partners can be a natural ally option. However, a spouse/partner may also be too close to the situation to give constructive support and may need personal healing. Your spouse should decide if they want to be your ally.
  • Friend: a trusted friend can be a good ally. Your existing relationship can help boost your accountability journey.
  • Religious Leader: a local pastor or priest can help support you and may be a good ally.
  • Support Group: join a support group like Celebrate Recovery, Samson Society, Pure Desire, or Sexaholics Anonymous and see if you can find an ally.

TIP: If you want to invite or add an ally, read How do I add or remove an ally?

If you need us, we’re here.

Need help inviting an ally or subscribing to Covenant Eyes? We’re here to support you. Please reach out via chatemail, or phone.

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