How does the Android™ app work?

This article describes our Screen Accountability™ service which uses random screenshots and advanced technology to provide accountability on Android™ devices.


It’s quite different than our original service, Internet Accountability, which focused on monitoring URLs (web addresses) and is discussed in a separate article.

Basic Requirements

  • A current Covenant Eyes account. (The app will not work for people who are simply an ally and/or an Account Administrator.) Sign up today!
  • An Android device that runs version 6.0 or higher.
  • The Covenant Eyes Android app is not compatible with Chromebooks or Nooks.

App Features

  • Use any browser. Our app provides device-wide coverage needed for good accountability.
  • Frequent, but random, screenshots whenever the device is in use. The random factor motivates people to stay on track.
  • Advanced, artificial intelligence. Those screen shots are immediately analyzed and blurred while on the device. Unblurred images will never be sent from your device.
  • Switch User. This makes it easy for kids to share a tablet, while keeping their online activities distinct.
  • Built in app locking. Don’t want any access to certain apps? Use our App Lock feature to prevent access to those apps. You can even lock down the Google Play store! Learn more about App Locking.
  • Circumvention is difficult. Attempts to remove Covenant Eyes will cause a notification to be sent to your Covenant Eyes ally.

Frequently Asked Questions about Screen Accountability

Q: Is this app a VPN?

A: While our app is not a VPN, it does use some of the functionality of a VPN. Because of that, the Android operating system will display the VPN icon (a key). Please note, this means you cannot use another VPN while using our app. Check out this article for addtional details about our VPN-like technology. When you use Accountability only, the VPN icon will not display.

Q: Does this app support Filtering?

A: Yes, but it’s optional. When the Filtering service is activated for a username, our app will 1) use CleanBrowsing DNS to block known porn domains and 2) lock in SafeSearch for Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo in all apps. When Filtering is not activated for the username, the Android device will use Google without SafeSearch.

On 3/10/20 we released another tool for filtering. If you run into a site you need to access, but it’s blocked for some reason, you can unblock it. Read “New Tool! Allow List for Screen Accountability™” to learn more. 

On 7/30/19 we released a new tool – the block list! It is now possible customize your Filtering service. You can block a site that CleanBrowsing does not block. To learn more about this tool, click here.

Q: Will my App Lock settings carry over to other phones?

A: No, your App Lock settings are determined by both your username and that specific device. The first time you use your username on an additional Android device, App Lock settings will be turned off and you will be able to adjust those according to your needs.

Q: Will every username on my phone/tablet have the same App Lock settings?

A: No. Each username can have separate App Lock settings for that device.



If you have questions or comments regarding Covenant Eyes for Android, please let us know in our help forum.