How do I prevent someone from uninstalling Covenant Eyes?

This article will cover uninstall codes, devices that require an uninstall code, and how to prevent someone from getting an uninstall code:

What is an uninstall code?

An uninstall code is a unique key that unlocks our removal file. The uninstall code changes every day, is only active for the day it’s generated, and can be used on multiple devices.

Your Covenant Eyes ally will be alerted via email if you generate an uninstall code.

How do I prevent a member from generating an uninstall code?

Account Administrators can prevent a member from generating an uninstall code by un-checking the member’s “Uninstall Permission” on their account:

  1. Go to and sign in to your account with your Administrator username and password.
  2. From the Relationships page, select the member you want to prevent from uninstalling Covenant Eyes.
  3. Scroll down and tap “Settings.”
  4. Scroll down to “Uninstall Permission.” If the box next to “May uninstall” is checked, then the member is allowed to generate an uninstall code.
  5. To disable the member’s ability to generate an uninstall code, uncheck the box next to “May uninstall” and tap the blue “Save” button. A confirmation message will populate at the bottom of your screen notifying you that the change was saved.

Who can get an uninstall code?

What devices require an uninstall code to remove Covenant Eyes?

On Windows, Mac®, and Android™ devices, you must have an uninstall code to remove Covenant Eyes.

On an iPhone®/iPad®, due to Apple’s guidelines, you do not need an uninstall code to delete the Covenant Eyes app. However, you can use Apple’s free parental controls, called Screen Time, to safeguard Covenant Eyes from being removed.

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