How do I install Covenant Eyes on an Android™ device?

On 09/21/22, Google removed the Covenant Eyes app from the Google Play™ Store. We are working with Google to restore it.

Before You Begin

  • Compatibility: The Covenant Eyes app requires Android™ operating system 7 or higher. Covenant Eyes is not compatible with Android Go (Android Lite). Follow these steps to see if your device is compatible with Covenant Eyes!
  • Potential Conflicts: On your device, disable the Blue Light filter app, screen dimming apps, and any app locking software. You can turn them back on after you install Covenant Eyes.

Install Covenant Eyes on Android™

  1. Download Covenant Eyes from My Account.
  2. Type in your Covenant Eyes username and password and tap “SIGN IN.”
  3. On the Accessibility Required screen, tap the green arrow to proceed to your device’s Settings app so you can enable Accessibility for Covenant Eyes.
  4. Tap Installed apps (or Installed services).
  5. Tap “Covenant Eyes.” If Covenant Eyes is greyed-out, skip ahead to step #7.
  6. Turn the toggle switch for Covenant Eyes on.
  7. Tap “Allow.” If you successfully tapped Allow and enabled Accessibility, skip ahead to step #13.
  8. Tap on the greyed-out “Covenant Eyes.”
  9. On the Restricted Setting prompt, tap “OK.”
  10. Open the Settings App on your device and tap “Apps.”
  11. Tap “Covenant Eyes.”
  12. Tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner.
  13. Tap “Allow Restricted Settings” and then go back to the Covenant Eyes app. Now that you removed the Restriction for Accessibility go back through steps #2-6 to enable Accessibility. Then continue to step #14.
  14. On the Activate device admin app? screen, tap “Activate” to allow Covenant Eyes to secure our app and its uninstall procedures.
  15. *Only members that subscribe to our filter will see this step: On the VPN Required screen, tap the green arrow to allow Covenant Eyes to run a VPN in the background of your device to filter content. On the Connection request window, tap “OK” to confirm.
  16. Success! You installed Covenant Eyes. You’ll see our app menu. You can exit the Covenant Eyes app.
  17. Please exclude Covenant Eyes from your device’s built-in battery saver or power-saving mode so Covenant Eyes runs smoothly!

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