How can I customize my Accountability Report?

In your online account, you can adjust what information you see on the reports you receive by email.

First, sign into “My Account.” Under “My Profile,” click on “Accountability,” then select “Allies” to view the members whose reports you receive.

You will see a list of every person for whom you are an ally. Find the person whose report you wish to modify, then click “Edit report settings.” (You may also stop receiving this person’s reports by selecting “Stop receiving reports.”)

Report Frequency

Under “Frequency” you can modify how often you receive the emailed report for that member.

Be sure to click the blue “Save Settings” button.


The remainder of this article applies only when receiving reports for someone using the Internet Accountability service.


The default sensitivity level differs depending on whether you (or the person whose reports you receive) is listed as a Child or Adult. If you find the Internet Accountability report is showing too much information (or too little), simply pick a different sensitivity level to adjust what is shown.

There are four sensitivity levels:

  1. T (Teen) Level – This will show all web addresses and searches rated T and above.
  2. MT (Mature Teen) Level – This will show all web addresses and searches rated MT and above.
  3. M (Mature) Level – This will show all web addresses and searches rated M and above.
  4. HM (Highly Mature) Level – This will only show web addresses and searches rated HM.

(Learn more about what the ratings mean.)

Report Type

  • New Accountability report: This design contains four sections: the Timeline (reporting period), Incidents, Items for Review, and Devices (active/inactive). We recommend using this style, as it brings greater clarity about what’s really important.
  • Legacy Accountability report: This is our previous design for the Internet Accountability report.

Finally, be sure to click “Save Settings.”