What happened to the term “Accountability Partner”?


The term “Accountability Partner” served us well! But, over time, that term came to sound cold and mysterious. It missed the idea of being committed to another person’s success. In reality:

  • Many people needed us to explain what an Accountability Partner was and did.
  • We spent time clarifying the term at the expense of providing valuable moral support.
  • The term became associated only with getting reports and missed the idea of being supportive.

As we explored ways to help more people, we learned that the term ally works better for today’s world.

  • It’s easily understood by everyone.
  • It focuses on the value of helping.
  • It emphasizes the idea of cooperation!

We are committed to supporting people who are affected by the porn epidemic. This change makes it easier to get others involved in the fight. Thank you for being a part of this change. Thank you for being an ally!