This article defines various components of the Covenant Eyes service. If you’re considering the use of Screen Accountability™ and have additional questions, please contact us in chat or over the phone (877.479.1119). We look forward to serving you!

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Email Subject Lines

Activity Missing: this subject line indicates that there were a) no screenshots, b) no iOS DNS domains, and/or c) the member is only using clients that are not compatible with Screen Accountability™ during this reporting period.

Report is Ready: this subject line means that a) device activity was detected, b) no explicit screenshots were detected, and c) if any potentially concerning domains were detected on an iPhone®/iPad®, those will be included.

Review: this subject line means that either a) there was activity and one or more screenshots were likely explicit, or b) Unmonitored Screen Activity was detected.

Report Terms

Concerning Screenshot(s): an image that, potentially, has explict content.

Devices: the phone(s), tablet(s), and/or computer(s) that the member used during the reporting period.

Mobile Background Data: domains/URLs that are 1) likely explicit and 2) detected on an iPhone®/iPad®.

Other Screenshots: images that were not detected as explicit.

Unmonitored Screen Activity: our system detected the use of private browsing on an Android device.

For additional information about Reports (including screenshots), read Understanding the Screen Accountability™ Report.


Account Administrator (Admin): this individual is in charge of the account and is usually selected during sign-up. If he/she wishes to relinquish control of the account to someone else, then a) the current Admin must contact Customer Service to authorize the switch and b) the new Admin must contact the Customer Service team to formally accept the Admin role.

Adult (Non-Parent): any member marked as an Adult (Non-Parent) in our system can generate an uninstall code. That member does not automatically interact with Child members on the account.

Adult (Parent/Guardian): any member marked as Adult (Parent/Guardian) can generate an uninstall code. Also, they will automatically receive reports and the ability to adjust Blocking levels for all members, on the account, that are marked as ‘Child.’

Ally: a person who receives the report(s). This role is selected by the member or the Account Administrator. An ally is able to a) adjust report frequency, b) generate an online report 24/7, and c) receive reports for more than one member.

Child: any member marked as a Child in our system is also Restricted (see below). They cannot generate an uninstall code, and their report is automatically sent to any Parent on the account.

Guardian – a person who controls the Filter settings for themselves or another member. This role can be selected by either the member or the Account Administrator. A guardian can adjust the Blocking level and control the Custom Block List

Member: someone using the Covenant Eyes services. There is no limit for how many devices they may use. They can send their report to as many allies as they like.

Restricted member: this member is not allowed to generate or receive an uninstall code without express permission from the Account Administrator. The Account Administrator can restrict any other member on the account; Account Administrators cannot be restricted. Child members are restricted by default.

For additional details about Roles, read What is the difference between an Account Administrator, an Ally, and a Filter Guardian?


Accountability – With your permission, our technology monitors your online activity and produces a report for a person (an ally) of your choosing.

Filtering – When selected, our program will block access to explicit sites. General filtering is powered by CleanBrowsing. Personalized filtering is provided by our Custom Block List.

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