Get Started with Covenant Eyes

Brand new to Covenant Eyes? We’ve created this Get Started Guide to help you get your account set up to your needs and have the best Internet Accountability relationships possible.

There’s a lot here, and we don’t expect you to get through it in one sitting. To get back here, you can either bookmark this page, or click on the “Get Started Guide” button in the Support section of our website.

Using your online account

As part of your Covenant Eyes account, you have access to “My Account.” You’ll need to use your Covenant Eyes username and password to sign in. In your online account, you can add more users, add Accountability Partners, change the Filter settings, and more. We’ll go through each section in more detail as part of the Get Started Guide.

Note: Depending on which services you have on your account, or whether you are in charge of it, some of the sections of “My Account” that we describe may not be available to you.