Gaming Consoles & VR Headsets

We steadily receive inquires about Covenant Eyes for game consoles (like PS5) and VR (virtual reality) headsets. We appreciate the interest and applaud anyone who is trying to manage their digital content! For a variety of technical reasons, Covenant Eyes does not work on those devices.  For the devices in question we recommend the following:

  1. Begin at the router level by using OpenDNS or CleanBrowsing. This, in essence, means you are cleaning up the WiFi signal coming into your home. If the signal is “clean,” then browsing on a gaming device or VR headset is less likely to be “dirty.”
  2. Use the controls made by the manufacturer. Most of them use a PIN to lock down apps and content settings. We’ve listed some common gaming devices and details down below.
  3. In certain cases, get rid of the device. While it sounds extreme, we talk with people every week who, in order to save a relationship or preserve their own well-being, will take this step. Give the device to a friend or donate it to a local charity.

While we can’t provide a technical solution for every situation, we stand with you in the fight against pornography!


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