Gaming Consoles & VR Headsets

For various technical reasons, Covenant Eyes does not work on game consoles (like PS5) and VR (virtual reality) headsets. However, most gaming consoles and VR headsets have parental control features:

Does my device have parental controls?

Use your device’s manufacturer device controls or parental controls. Most devices use a PIN to lock apps and content settings. We’ve listed some popular gaming devices and details below:

What else can I do to protect a gaming console or VR headset?

Ultimately the decision is up to you, but here are three options to consider:

  1. Create device stations in public areas in your home.
    We recommend you set up and use your devices in a shared space, like the family room. For example, you can set up a “gaming desk,” “homework computer station,” or “work desk” in your living room. When you take away the secrecy of device usage, people make better, healthier choices with their devices.
  2. Protect your home by adjusting the settings on your router (the device that sends and amplifies your WiFi).
    You can decrease the availability of inappropriate content by changing your router’s connection settings. CleanBrowsing and OpenDNS are free filtering companies. If you change your connection settings on your router to one of them, they’ll filter explicit content on any device that connects to your WiFi.

    Note: Devices that use Covenant Eyes Filtering and connect to a WiFi network with filtering may experience connectivity or filtering issues.
  3. Consider a different device.
    If you are experiencing the temptation to look at inappropriate content on a Linux-based device because Covenant Eyes isn’t monitoring it, consider switching to Windows or Mac® computer so Covenant Eyes can monitor it.

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