Free Stuff: Email Challenges

We want to equip you with tools that help you and your family stay safe online! Each one of these challenges can empower you on your porn-free journey and help you protect those you love.

What Is Your Reason for Quitting Porn?

Digital Detox: 7 Days to Reconnect With Your Kids (stay-at-home edition)

Get ideas, delivered straight to your inbox, that help families reconnect in our technology-overloaded world.

Overcome Porn: The 40 Day Challenge

This challenge helps you break free from porn by providing you with daily bible passages, scientific research, recovery stories, and more!

The Novena for Purity

This 9-day challenge was created with the Angelic Warfare Confraternity to provide prayer-focused, Catholic content that helps you heal from, resist, and rise above temptation.

RecoverED: 10 Days on the Road to Healing from Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

With a blend of education and encouragement, this challenge is designed to help you start on the road to recovery.

The Safe Digital Family Challenge

This 7-day challenge equips parents to protect children on YouTube, iPhones/iPads, social media, and more!


This 21-day challenge was created with Matt Fradd to provide you with with daily videos and content to help you break free from porn.