Should I upgrade from my legacy Personal Subscription?

Note: The Personal Subscription is not available to new members. This article only applies to members using our discontinued (legacy) Personal Subscription.

To learn about our Personal Subscription, select an option below:

What is a Personal Subscription?

If you have a legacy Personal Subscription, your subscription price depends on the number of usernames and services you add to your account.

The Personal Subscription is an excellent value for people that have only themselves or a few people on their account.

If you have a large family or a lot of people on your account, it may be cheaper for you to switch to our current subscription price.

What is the current subscription price?

Our current subscription is a flat price of $16.99/month or $183.99/year and includes the following:

  • You can have up to 10 members on your account.
  • You can install Covenant Eyes on as many devices as you’d like! There’s no limit.
  • Explicit website filtering is free!

Should I upgrade from my Personal Subscription?

Maybe! In some cases, switching from a Personal Subscription to our current subscription may save you money.

Please get in touch with our Member Care team to discuss if you should upgrade!

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