The Devices Section

The “Devices” section of the report is a quick way to learn about the devices the member is using. The first four bullet points in the following list are common and will be found on nearly every single report. The last point on the list is education specific to an iPhone® or iPad® in the Devices section.

Device name

  • The name of the device is typically set by the manufacturer (i.e. “iPhone 12”).
  • If desired, you can change the name of your device (i.e. “iPhone 12” to “John’s iPhone”).
  • The operating system we detected with the device name is placed inside parentheses, e.g. iPhone 12 (iOS).

Last detected

  • This is the last time our servers received a signal from the software.
  • This is laid out in terms of days not precise moments, e.g. <1 day ago, 2 days ago

Activity labels

  • Installed –  if Covenant Eyes is installed during the reporting period, it will send a confirmation signal to our servers. In turn, the device will be listed, with this label, on the next report. There is no other reason for this label to be on a report. (Multiple “Installed” labels could be due to innocent or nefarious reasons, be sure to talk about it.)
  • Uninstalled – On Android™, Mac®, or Windows, if an uninstall code is generated for Covenant Eyes on this device during the reporting period, a signal will be sent to our servers, and we’ll add the “Uninstalled” tag to the report for that device. We aren’t able to tell if the uninstall code was actually used to uninstall our software, or not, so it’s good to have a conversation about it. Details about iPhone® are down below.
  • Inactive – If a device for this username was detected more than seven (7) days ago it will be labeled Inactive. A device will drop off the report completely away after 30 days of not being detected. This may be due to something simple, e.g. the member was on vacation and didn’t take the device. This may be due to the fact that the software was uninstalled and never reinstalled. We encourage allies and members to have a talk about it.
  • What happens if a device has two labels?  Both labels will appear with the device.

Order of listing

Devices are listed in this order:  Mobile > Tablet > Desktop. If there are multiple devices per each device category, they’ll be sorted alphabetically based on their given device name.

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For reporting purposes, iPhones and iPads present some unique scenarios.

  1. Multiple iPhones or iPads on one report!? Due to a limitation with Apple mobile devices (iOS), Covenant Eyes is unable to consistently retrieve the iPhone® or iPad®’s unique device ID. For example, when an iPhone upgrades its operating system (iOS), that process changes the way our servers recognize the device. This means a single iPhone® or iPad® may appear more than once on a report.
  2. No “Uninstalled” label. Due to the uniqueness of an iPhone®, we cannot report every time that the Covenant Eyes app is uninstalled. Because of this fact, we encourage all allies to keep an eye out for multiple “installed” labels.
  3. What about multiple “Installed” entries on a single report? An “Installed” label is exactly that – the Covenant Eyes app for iPhone® was installed. Multiple “Installed” entries on a single report could be a bug (not likely), but it’s more likely an indicator of multiple uninstalls. Be sure to talk about it.

For additional assistance, please contact our Member Care team via chat, email, or phone.

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