How much data and space does Covenant Eyes use on my device?

Covenant Eyes is built to use as little space or data as possible while providing online accountability. The biggest factor is how the device is being used. The vast majority of our members never experience space or data issues while using our service.

If someone uses the phone for only calls and texts, then data usage will be very light and the amount of space that is consumed will be very small. But, as you probably know from experience, if someone watches lots of YouTube videos, the data usage starts to go up. And while the Covenant Eyes use of data could go up slightly, it will be nowhere close to the amount of data used by YouTube. Why? Because video streaming takes up much more data than sending compacted files to a server.

Here are the details as of January 19, 2021.

Device type  Space (when installed)  Cellular Data
Android™   40 MB  Very low impact
iPhone®/iPad®   45.5 MB  *Very low impact
Mac®   157 MB  N/A
Windows   140 MB  N/A

Again, amounts can change based on how the device is used by the owner. If you have concerns about Covenant Eyes affecting your device, please contact our Member Care team for technical assistance.

*May increase when the Covenant Eyes app for iPhone is the primary browser.

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