How much data and space does Covenant Eyes use on my device?

Covenant Eyes uses minimal space and data while providing device-wide accountability and filtering! However, how you use your device directly corresponds with how much cellular data and space Covenant Eyes uses.

This means that if someone uses their phone rarely (i.e. mostly calls and texts) cellular data usage will be very small for the device and for Covenant Eyes.

If someone uses their phone constantly and uses a lot of apps (i.e. watching a lot of YouTube videos and constantly using social media apps) cellular data usage will increase for the device and for Covenant Eyes.

Device Space  Cellular Data
Android™  43 MB Very low impact
iPhone®/iPad®  43 MB *Very low impact
Mac®  71 MB N/A
Windows  140 MB N/A

*May increase when the Covenant Eyes app for iPhone® is set and used as the default browser. If you have concerns about Covenant Eyes affecting your device, please contact our Member Care team for technical assistance.

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