Custom Block List for Screen Accountability™

This is a tool for customizing Filter settings. It gives a Filter guardian the ability to block sites that, while not explicit, are troublesome for the member. If our standard domain blocker (powered by CleanBrowsing) doesn’t block troublesomesite.example and you want that site blocked, then you will be able to add troublesomesite.example to the member’s custom block list and Covenant Eyes will block the member’s access to troublesomesite.example.

Who is able to use it?

Any member, that is using Screen Accountability™ and has selected the Filtering service option, is able to use the custom block list when they have the proper  version of the Covenant Eyes program.

If you currently use Internet Accountability, when you make the switch to Screen Accountability, we’ll import the websites from your old service to the custom block list. If we’re not able to import a website, we’ll notify you by email.

What version of Covenant Eyes is needed?

Only recent versions of Covenant Eyes have this feature, anything earlier will not work. The minimum version numbers are:

How do I use the custom block list?

Go to your online account and select “Manage Members.” Then select “Filtering” in the box of the person you are managing.

Three tabs will appear across the top of the next screen. Roll over the tab marked “Filtering” and a drop-down menu will appear. Select “Custom Block List.”

Be aware, the feature is all-or-nothing. It will not block specific pages of a large site. For example, it will not block It will either block the whole site, or not at all.

Now, type in the website you want to block and click the blue “Add” button. If the entry is not a valid domain, you will see a message.

A green box will appear at the top of the page containing a confirmation message, and the domain will then be on the list. To ensure that the software is working according to your newest list, you will need to refresh Covenant Eyes on each device.

How much will it cost?

Family plan – Nothing! It’s already a part of your Screen Accountability Family plan. You simply need to make sure Filtering is turned on for your username.

Personal plan – If you already have the Filtering service, nothing! If you need to add Filtering, it’s $1.50/member/month and includes both the domain blocking and the custom block list.


If you’d like to comment on this new tool, or see what other members are saying, then please visit the Community Forum. There is a space dedicated to discussing this new feature.

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