Why has Covenant Eyes stopped working on my Android™ phone?

If you’re unsure that Covenant Eyes is working, walk through the following steps:

Update Covenant Eyes

We recommend you use the newest version of Covenant Eyes so you have the latest fixes and features:

to Covenant Eyes

After you install or update Covenant Eyes from the Google Play™ Store, our app immediately requires you to sign-in! After that initial sign-in, our app will keep you signed in, but these two instances may occur:

  • If the operating system of your Android™ device performs an update, our app may lose its connection to the internet and you may get signed out. To check if you’re signed out of Covenant Eyes, open the app and see if you’re prompted to sign-in.
  • If another member on your account is signed into Covenant Eyes on your phone/tablet, activity on your device will be connected to that other member. In such cases, older accounts that are using emailed reports for accountability will likely see an Activity Missing report. Newer accounts using the Victory app for accountability will receive messages about “no activity” or not being installed.

To view and/or switch the username that is signed in, open the Covenant Eyes app. The username that’s currently signed in will be listed at the top. The Switch User option will be next to that listing.

Check for Conflicts

Here are things that can conflict with or make Covenant Eyes crash on an Android™ device:

Operating System Update

If you noticed your Covenant Eyes app having problems shortly after an update to the Android operating system, simply uninstall and reinstall the Covenant Eyes app. After reinstalling Covenant Eyes, exclude Covenant Eyes from your device’s battery optimizer settings.

Antivirus Apps

Most antivirus apps work with Covenant Eyes. However, if the Covenant Eyes app is continually crashing: uninstall your antivirus app, uninstall Covenant Eyes, and then reinstall Covenant Eyes. If Covenant Eyes isn’t crashing after the reinstall, your antivirus app may be incompatible with Covenant Eyes.

Blue Light Filter

Many Android™ devices have a built-in blue light filter, which helps reduce eye strain. To see if you’re using a blue light filter, pull down from the top of your screen to view your notifications and buttons and look for “blue light filter” (some devices call it “night light”). If you have a blue light filter app, it may have conflicted with our app during installation. Disable your blue light filter/blue light filter app, uninstall Covenant Eyes, reinstall Covenant Eyes, and then turn the blue light filter back on.

Battery Optimizer

Most Android™ devices have a built-in battery optimizer or battery saver mode. The optimizer manages the device’s apps in order to preserve battery life. Covenant Eyes runs constantly to monitor and protect you, so the battery optimizer may flag it. We recommend you exclude Covenant Eyes from your battery optimizer.

WiFi Networks

Some parental control systems (like Disney Circle) or WiFi networks with security settings (like hospitals, schools, or businesses) can cause connectivity and filter issues with Covenant Eyes. To see if the WiFi network you’re using is conflicting with Covenant Eyes, temporarily switch from the WiFi network to cellular data on your device. If the issue goes away when you’re connected to cellular data, the WiFi may be interfering with Covenant Eyes.

Cellphone Provider Apps

Some cell service providers pre-install an app on your device that has location monitoring, device protection, a VPN, a battery saver, content filtering, and/or time limits. These types of apps can cause the Covenant Eyes app to crash or have gaps in service. For example, AT&T’s Secure Family app and Verizon’s Smart Family app conflict with Covenant Eyes.

Task Cleaner & Killer Apps

Task cleaner or task killer apps try to save battery on your device by “killing” (forcibly closing) other apps. These apps may cause lapses in Covenant Eyes’ service. Please disable/remove any task cleaner or task killer app from your device.


Covenant Eyes uses a VPN on Android devices to filter explicit websites. Android devices only allow one app at a time to use the VPN functionality. For this reason, no other VPN will be able to run with Covenant Eyes concurrently. Any other VPN (whether it is work-issued or a personal choice) will conflict with the Covenant Eyes app and should be removed.

If you’re still having trouble with the Covenant Eyes app for Android, then please contact us.

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