What are the Covenant Eyes browser extensions?

Our Screen Accountability service takes random screenshots of your devices to provide accountability. We do not rely on browser extensions to capture your activity.

What is a browser extension?

A browser extension is like a mini-program that allows you to customize your internet browser (Safari, Firefox, etc.) and its functionality. For example, some free browser extensions block advertisements and pop-ups.

Why does Covenant Eyes use browser extensions?

The Covenant Eyes browser extensions have a slightly different function, depending on what type of computer you use:

  • On Windows computers, browser extensions don’t currently do anything. It is a remnant of an older system and will be repurposed or removed in the future.
  • On Mac® computers, the extensions assist our filtering service and help provide some minor accountability details. Screen Accountability does not rely on extensions.

Does Screen Accountability still work if the browser extension is not installed?

Screen Accountability does not rely on our browser extensions to monitor your activity; Screen Accountability monitors your device, even if the browser extensions are not present or are not working correctly.

Note: If you uninstall Covenant Eyes, the browser extensions will uninstall too.

If you need us, we’re here.

Have questions about our browser extensions or Screen Accountability? We’re here to support you. Please reach out via chatemail, or phone.

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