What are the Covenant Eyes browser extensions?

Our Screen Accountability service takes random screenshots of your devices to provide accountability. On some devices, we also use browser extensions to help provide accountability.

What is a browser extension?

A browser extension is like a mini-program that allows you to customize your internet browser (Safari, Firefox, etc.). For example, some free browser extensions block advertisements and pop-ups.

Why does Covenant Eyes use browser extensions?

The Covenant Eyes browser extensions have a slightly different function, depending on the device:

Android™ Devices

Our Android™ app does not use a browser extension.

iPhone® and iPad®

Starting with Covenant Eyes app version 6.0, we use a Safari browser extension to screen-capture your activity in Safari!

Mac® Computers

Our extension assists our filtering service and helps provide some minor accountability details.

Windows Computers

Our Windows browser extension doesn’t do anything. It’s a remnant of our older system, and we will repurpose or remove it in the future.

Will Screen Accountability work if the browser extension is uninstalled?

iPhone® and iPad®

For Screen Accountability to work in the Safari app, the member must toggle on our Safari extension in the iPhone®/iPad® Settings app.

Tip: You can set up Apple’s free Screen Time settings on the member’s iPhone® or iPad® so they can’t remove our browser extension.

Mac® & Windows Computers

Screen Accountability does not rely on our browser extensions to monitor your activity; Screen Accountability monitors your device, even if the browser extensions are not present or are not working correctly.

Note: If you uninstall Covenant Eyes, the browser extensions will uninstall too.

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