Why is Covenant Eyes asking me if a user is a Parent, Non-Parent, or Child?

As of November 2014, Covenant Eyes now uses smart default settings for new users added to Covenant Eyes accounts. By asking whether a user is an Adult (Parent), Adult (Non-Parent), or Child, we are making it easier for you to set up your account (whether Family, Personal, or Group) quickly and effectively.

Covenant Eyes offers five default settings. Once a default has been set, you cannot reset the defaults or change to a different default (e.g. from Child to Adult), but you can completely customize any of the settings.

Adult Users

All Adult users must choose their own Accountability Partners, or have them assigned by the Account Administrator. The Account Administrator will be their Filter Guardian by default, but they can request someone else to adjust their Filter settings.

  • Accountability Reports will only show web use rated Mature (M) and above.
  • The Filter will only block content rated Highly Mature (HM).

In addition, Adult (Parent) users will receive Reports and act as Filter Guardian for all Child users on the account. At least one Adult (Parent) username is required for all Family Accounts. (Non-parent users have no additional responsibilities.)

Child Users

By default, every Child’s Accountability Report will be sent to every Adult (Parent) on the account.

If the Child (Under 10) uses the Filter, any Adult (Parent) on the account will control their Filter settings. Additionally, any Adult (Parent) (or the Account Administrator) may request someone else as the Filter Guardian.

Additionally, Child users are prevented from generating an uninstall code.

  • Under 10: Reports will show all activity rated Teen (T) or above. The Filter will block all sites rated Youth (Y) and above.
  • 11-14: Reports will show all activity rated T or above. The Filter will block all sites rated T and above.
  • 15-17: Reports will show all activity rated Mature Teen (MT) or above. The Filter will block all sites rated MT or above.