Changing the Covenant Eyes Blocking Settings

The Covenant Eyes blocking feature, powered by CleanBrowsing, provides domain blocking across all devices. We provide two blocking settings. Members on the same account do not have to have the same blocking setting. These settings can be changed by having the Filter Guardian go to the My Account section of our website and completing the following steps:

  1. Once the Guardian is signed into My Account, select “Manage Members.”
  2. Within Manage Members, select the Blocking shield icon for the person whose settings you need to change.
  3. There are two blocking levels to choose from:

    Adult Blocking (standard)

    Blocks access to all adult, pornographic, and explicit websites. It does not block proxy or VPN domains. Mixed-content sites (like Reddit) are allowed. Google and Bing are set to use SafeSearch.

    Family Blocking (blocks more)

    Blocks access to all adult, pornographic, and explicit websites. It blocks some proxy and VPN domains. Some mixed-content sites (like Reddit) are blocked. Google, Bing and Yahoo are set to use SafeSearch. YouTube’s (moderate) Restricted Mode is put into action.

    Select the blocking setting that would be most appropriate for the person you are helping. Typically the Family level would be appropriate for teens and children, whereas the Adult level would be best for any adult members.

  4. Once the new blocking setting has been selected the changes will be saved automatically. Please refresh the Covenant Eyes software on all of the member’s devices to apply these changes.