Why can’t I get online on Windows?

If you’re unable to access the internet on your Windows computer, this article will help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

Are you connected to the internet (WiFi or ethernet)?

Follow these three steps to see if you’re connected to the internet or get connected:

  1. Look in the lower right-hand corner of your desktop (near the time and date) to view your connection. You should see the WiFi symbol (inverted pyramid icon) or the network symbol (small computer icon).

    wifi icon ethernet icon

    Note: If you don’t see a connection icon, click the hidden tray icon (^) to view all your icons! Your WiFi symbol or network symbol may be there.
  2. If you’ve never connected to WiFi on your computer, or aren’t sure how to, follow the instructions on Microsoft’s website to connect. If you need help with a hard-wired connection (ethernet), follow Microsoft’s ethernet connection and troubleshooting instructions.
  3. If you are experiencing a connection issue, you may see a globe icon instead of the normal WiFi or network symbol:

    globe icon

    If you see the globe icon, restart your router by unplugging it from the wall for ten seconds and then plug it back in. Give your router a moment to restart, your computer a moment to recognize the network, and attempt to connect to the internet on your computer.

Are you unable to sign in to the WiFi or hotspot?

Do you have an antivirus program?

Some antivirus programs are very aggressive and may conflict with Covenant Eyes, which can result in connection issues. To see if your antivirus program is conflicting with Covenant Eyes and causing a connection issue, turn it off and try to connect to the internet/get online.

To see a list of known antivirus programs that conflict with Covenant Eyes, read Antivirus Programs and Covenant Eyes.

Do you have another filtering service or parental control software?

If you use another filtering service or parental control software with Covenant Eyes, the other service may “fight” with our filter. This may result in no internet access, or otherwise “safe” sites being blocked.

Here are some programs that may conflict with Covenant Eyes:

  • OpenDNS (or similar router-based filters)
  • Any app or program that implements and/or protects DNS settings
  • Disney Circle (a device for controlling your home WiFi)
  • Coffee shop, corporate, and educational wireless networks that are using filtering
  • Google Wi-Fi Parental Controls
  • Parental Controls through your Internet Service Provider
  • Other filtering programs

To see if the Covenant Eyes filter is conflicting with another filtering service:

  1. Temporarily switch from your current connection (WiFi network or Ethernet connection) on your computer to a mobile hot spot.
  2. If after switching to a mobile hot spot, you can access the internet, there is a conflict with the previous connection.
  3. If possible, you can then disable/remove the conflicting service from your device or from your router/network, leave Covenant Eyes in place, and restart your computer.

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