I can’t find my emailed report!

Sometimes email providers update their spam filter settings and your Accountability Report(s) are sent to your junk/spam email folder. If you are not receiving or cannot find your report(s), check the spam/junk folder in your email. Here are a few common situations:


Some Comcast members may occasionally find our report emails not arriving or going to their Spam folder. Comcast advises members to simply mark the report as not Spam. Eventually, if enough Comcast subscribers do this, Comcast will realize that we are not Spam and mark us accordingly.


If your report has landed in a Gmail Spam folder, you can easily move it back to your Primary folder.

Please note that Covenant Eyes sends messages from more than one email address, so you may need to move more than one message from your Promotions tab to your Primary inbox. (For example, reports are sent from reports@covenanteyes.com, and Pure Minds Online is sent from resources@covenanteyes.com.)

You may want to periodically check the auxiliary folders (Social, Promotional, etc) to make sure you aren’t missing any messages from Covenant Eyes.


Recently, some members with Yahoo! emails contacted us and stated they didn’t receive their emailed reports. We discovered that the survey link in our reports was flagged as spam by Yahoo! This resulted in Yahoo! bouncing our report email(s).

This means:

  1. We’ve removed the survey link from our reports so that our report emails(s) are no longer flagged and bounced by Yahoo!
  2. Your report activity isn’t lost! If you want to see activity from a timeframe when you didn’t receive an emailed report, generate the report in My Account! You can generate any report within the last 30 days.
  3. Add “reports@covenanteyes.com” as a contact in your email address book. This tells your email provider that you trust emails from Covenant Eyes and can prevent your report email(s) from bouncing in the future.

Not there at all?

Be advised that, due to a variety of factors, reports are not sent at the same exact moment each day. Some days of the week we send out more reports, and that leads to variations in timing. Additionally, when email providers adjust/change their routing rules, a change in timing can occur.

In the event that you do not see the expected email in any folder, go to My Account to confirm that 1) your email address is correct and that 2) you are still set up to receive reports. If both items are confirmed, then please contact Member Care. Someone from that team will look into the situation with you.

Finally, you are always able to generate your own report or the report of a member you hold accountable online. For instructions on generating a report through your account, see this article.