What does “Oh no! Your browser isn’t supported, or is out of date” mean?

The “Oh no! Your browser isn’t supported, or is out of date” message may appear when you’re trying to look at a report if:

1. The page has not finished loading.

If your device is slow or if there is a weak internet connection, the page may take a few minutes to load. If page is loading, wait for the page to connect and the report may load.

2. Your browser is out of date.

  • iPhone® & iPad®: We encourage iPhone® and iPad® users to let their allies restrict the ability to install apps. This “closes” the App Store® and eliminates an app’s ability to update on its own automatically. You or your ally may need to temporarily reenable the App Store® to update your browser; for details, see our article on setting up Screen Time.
  • Android™ Devices: Apps should automatically update on Android™ devices. But you can manually check for updates by going to the Play Store™ and searching for the app where the message appeared.
  • Mac® & Windows Computers: For Windows and Mac, you will want to follow the browser-specific instructions to check for updates.

3. Your device’s operating system is out of date.

It’s possible that your device is out of date and may require an update. For instructions on updating your device’s operating system, check the manufacturer’s website for your device (e.g., if you have an iPad®, check Apple’s website for the latest operating system).

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