How do I block social media websites?

In some cases, you may need to add multiple websites to the Custom Website List to block one social media platform and all its visual elements. This is necessary because some social media websites rely on other sites and services to provide specific components.

What is the Custom Website List?

All members that are subscribed to our filtering service have their own Custom Website List. Members and their Filter Guardians can use the Custom Website List to create a personalized list of blocked and allowed websites. 

How do I add a website to the Custom Website List?

How do I successfully block a social media website?

If you want to completely block a social media website:

  1. Review the chart of social media websites below.
  2. Add all listed websites (for the social media platform you want to block) to the Custom Website List. Note: You can only enter one website into the Custom Website List at a time.
  3. Refresh Covenant Eyes on your devices to activate the changes.

For assistance with website blocking, please reach out to Member Care via chat, email or phone.

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