Antivirus Compatibility

If you prefer a certain antivirus (AV) program, you should be able to use it! Most AV programs are compatible with Covenant Eyes. Down below are the exceptions we know of, along with a recommendation for you.


  • At this time, there are no known AV programs that conflict with Covenant Eyes for Mac.
  • There is one cleaner (CleanMyMac X) that is known to hinder Covenant Eyes. It may cause an M071 error. We recommend that you use another cleaner, like CCleaner.
  • There is one adware program (MacKeeper) that can cause weird issues in general. Most scanners will remove it for you. We recommend using the free version of Malwarebytes to do that.


A major decrease in conflicts between antivirus (AV) programs and Covenant Eyes (CE) has occurred over the last 12 months! At this time, only the following conflicts are known:

Antivirus Issue Recommendation
(paid versions only)
For CE Filter users, use of Avast’s “Real Site” component usually results in the filter not working or the ability to browse is lost. To resolve the conflict, the “Real Site” component should be uninstalled from Avast.
(paid versions only)
For CE Filter users, use of AVG’s “Fake Website Shield” component will likely result in the filter not working or the ability to browse will be lost. To resolve the conflict, the “Fake Website Shield” component should be uninstalled from AVG.
Comodo Due to a firewall setting, CE Filter users may not be able to get online. Disable the Filter Loopback Traffic option in the Comodo’s firewall settings.
Endpoint/Enterprise XYZ When the words “endpoint” or “enterprise” are in the name of the antivirus, it often indicates that an antivirus program is controlled by a company’s IT department or computer specialist. This can make it challenging for the user to work through technical conflicts. Work with your IT team.
We are happy to email Covenant Eyes’ important file information, URLs, and IP addresses to you. You can then share that information with the IT department or computer specialist in control of your AV software.
McAfee Full or partial disruption of CE filtering may occur when either of these components are used:

  • McAfee WebAdvisor
  • McAfee SiteAdvisor
To resolve the conflict, the named component(s) should be uninstalled.
Sophos CE Filter users on the Strong Blocking level may have trouble blocking Reddit and Imgur. N/A
ZoneAlarm CE Filter users may be affected by the ZoneAlarm firewall. The impact is usually a loss of web browsing.
  1. Uninstall ZoneAlarm, or
  2. Do not use the Covenant Eyes Filtering service.
  • Although it’s not an antivirus program, Windows Firewall is a commonly used for personal security. It is compatible with Covenant Eyes.

If you believe your AV program is causing an issue with Covenant Eyes, please contact Member Care for complimentary technical assistance.

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