Android™ Antivirus Apps and Covenant Eyes

The Covenant Eyes Android™ app uses Screen Accountability to provide 24/7 screen monitoring! We are incompatible with some antivirus apps because they detect Covenant Eyes running in the background of your device, label us as a security threat, and attempt to shut us down.

Compatible Antivirus Apps

We tested some popular antivirus apps and their compatibility with our Screen Accountability service on Android™ devices. (We did not test how well the antivirus apps performed.)

Antivirus AppProduct YearDate TestedCovenant Eyes
Version Tested
Avast Mobile Security202112/31/20205.12.4
AVG Antivirus & Mobile Security202112/31/20205.12.4
Bitdefender Security202101/06/20215.12.4
Lookout Security & Antivirus202101/11/20215.12.5
McAfee Security202101/15/20215.12.5
Norton Mobile Security202101/15/20215.12.5
Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile202101/19/20215.12.5

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