Android™ Antivirus Apps and Covenant Eyes

Screen Accountability provides 24/7 monitoring! This means that we continually analyze the content on your screen to hold you accountable. Some antivirus apps see Covenant Eyes running in the background of your device as a security threat and will attempt to shut down the Covenant Eyes app.

We tested some popular antivirus apps with our Android app. Our testing focused on the compatibility of the antivirus app with our Screen Accountability service. We did not test how well the antivirus apps performed.  Here are some Android™ antivirus apps that are compatible with Covenant Eyes:

Antivirus AppProduct YearDate TestedCovenant Eyes
Version Tested
Avast Mobile Security202112/31/20205.12.4
AVG Antivirus & Mobile Security202112/31/20205.12.4
Bitdefender Security202101/06/20215.12.4
Lookout Security & Antivirus202101/11/20215.12.5
McAfee Security202101/15/20215.12.5
Norton Mobile Security202101/15/20215.12.5
Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile202101/19/20215.12.5

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