How do I allow a website that’s been blocked by the Legacy Filter?

This article applies only to members using the Internet Accountability service and, of those members, only the ones that are using the Filtering service.

Overriding the Filter on the Filter Block Page

If a Filter-using member encounters a web page that is above their sensitivity setting on the Covenant Eyes Filter, a page will appear to inform them of the blocked status of that page.

On this page, Filter Guardians may use their username and password to override a blocked site. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Overriding the Filter Block Page

Overriding the Filter through “My Account”

A Filter Guardian may also allow or block websites or webpages on a permanent basis from their online account. Under “Manage Members” click on the gear icon for the member’s block/allow list you wish to modify, then click on the “Filtering” tab and select “Block/Allow List.”

 filter settings

Under “Allow,” add the website address you want to allow (for example, type in if you want to always allow CNN). Click “Add to List.” The member will have to refresh Covenant Eyes for the changes to take effect.

filter blockallow list

If you later wish to remove one or more websites from the Allow list, check the box next to the URL, then click “Remove Selected.” (Note: this will not by default block the website. Pages will be blocked depending on their unique Age-Based Content Rating and the member’s Filter setting.)

Allowing Automatic Overrides

Filter Guardians may also grant a Filter-using member the ability to override any page that is blocked by checking the “Overrides” box in the member’s “Filter Settings” page. This is typically used for adults who don’t usually struggle with inappropriate content, and simply use the Filter as an extra layer of protection. Automatic overrides allow them to override the Filter if they believe the website is appropriate.