Allow List for Screen Accountability

The Allow List is a tool that gives our members a customized filtering experience by allowing their Filter Guardian to create a list of “approved” websites. Any site added to the member’s Allow List will automatically be allowed and let through our filter.

Who can use the Allow List?

All members that are subscribed to our Filtering service have their own Custom Website List. The Custom Website List contains the member’s Block List and Allow List. Each member’s Filter Guardian will be able to access and edit the Allow List and Block List.

How do I access the Allow List?

  1. Sign into My Account and select the member you want to adjust Filter settings for.
  2. Tap the “Settings” option for that member.
  3. On the Settings screen, tap the “Custom Website List” option.
  4. Type in the website you want to allow and then click the green “Allow” button.
  5. The website you entered will now show as allowed on your Custom Website List and you’ll receive a message at the bottom of your screen confirming the change.

What websites can I add to the Allow List?

Filter Guardians can add any desired website to their member’s Allow List:

  • If the member is set to the Strong Blocking Level, the Filter Guardian can over-ride the block by entering the website’s name into the member’s Allow List.
  • The Block List trumps the Allow List. This means that if you have the same website entered in both the Allow List and the Block List, the site will be blocked.
  • A specific page of a website cannot be added to the Allow List (i.e.
  • A specific section, or sub-domain, can be added to the Allow List (i.e. – in this example, “mail” is a section of

How much does the Allow List cost?

For most Covenant Eyes members, using the Allow List to customize your filter is already included in your current plan! This means that you can use our Filter and Allow List at no extra cost. Simply login to our online member portal, My Account, and add Filtering to the desired members’ profiles.

Note: Longtime Covenant Eyes members may be on our legacy Personal Plan. This plan has a base rate and increases in price depending on the members and services you add. If you are on our Legacy Plan, adding Filtering will cost $1.50 per member, each month.

If you have questions about the Allow List or need assistance using it, please contact Member Care.

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