How do I add or remove an ally?

Adding an ally

Go to your online account. You should now see your allies, and those for whom you are an ally. Click “Invite an ally” and the invitation form will appear.

Enter the person’s email address (twice) and click the blue “Invite ally” button.

If your ally never receives the invitation email, have them check their Junk/Spam folder. If the invitation is in there, then have the ally add “” to their list of Always Allowed email addresses. If the invitation email is not in that folder, you can resend an invitation by signing into your online account and going to the “My Allies section.” If the ally you invited is still showing up as pending, then make sure the email address is correct and click the “Resend Invitation” button next to their name.

Adding an ally who is already on your account

If you are the Account Administrator and the person who you want to receive your reports is already on the account with you, you can pick them from the “Select a Member” drop down menu and click the blue “Save” button. This will immediately add them as your ally and they will begin to receive reports.

Removing an ally

If you no longer want one of your allies to receive your reports, simply click “Stop sending reports” by their name. That person will receive an email notifying them that they will no longer receive your reports.

If you no longer want to be an ally for someone else, simply click “Stop receiving reports” next to their name.

A smaller screen will appear so that you can “Confirm” the request.

If you need additional assistance, then please contact our Customer Support team at 989.720.8000. Any member of the team would be glad to help!