Ad Blockers and Covenant Eyes

In addition to using the Covenant Eyes filter, which blocks explicit websites, you can also use an ad blocker extension. An ad blocker is like a mini-program for your browser (Google Chrome, Edge, FireFox, etc.) that blocks pornographic pop-ups and ads. Our testing focused on the compatibility of the blocker with our Screen Accountability™ service. We did not test how well the blockers performed. Here are blockers that we found to be compatible:

 Name of Ad Blocker Chrome? Edge? Firefox?
AdBlock Yes Yes Yes
Adblock Plus Yes Yes Yes
AdBlocker by TrustNav Yes No No
AdBlocker Ultimate Yes Yes Yes
AdGuard Yes Yes Yes
AdLock Yes No Yes
TrustNave SafeSearch Yes No Yes

*The newest version of Edge is able to use some Chrome extensions.

To install an ad blocker for Google Chrome, search for it in the Chrome Web Store. Once you find the desired extension, click the “Add to Chrome” button.

To install an ad blocker for Edge:

  1. Open the Edge browser on your device
  2. Click on the {…} option in the upper, right-hand corner
  3. Select “Extensions” from the menu and the Microsoft Store will open.
  4. Search for and install the blocker you want to use.

To install an ad blocker for FireFox, search for the extension in the FireFox Browser Add-Ons page.