“Activity Missing” on the Screen Accountability Reports

If you receive a report for someone you hold accountable and it says “Activity Missing,” it could be for one of three reasons.

  1. The member has not installed the Screen Accountability™ software yet. The Screen Accountability software must be installed first. Once it is installed, the person receiving reports (the ally) will start seeing image activity on the Screen Accountability reports.
  2. The member is signed in with the wrong username. This can happen on multi-member accounts. Covenant Eyes attaches activity to the username signed in. If the wrong username is signed in, all activity will appear on the report of the username that is signed into the device.
  3. The member upgraded his Mac OS (operating system) and missed the new settings that need to be taken care of. Check out this article for full details about Covenant Eyes and Catalina.

No matter the situation, good accountability is conversational. Always keep the lines of communication open! If you still have questions, feel free to call Customer Support at 877.479.1119.