“Activity Missing” on the Screen Accountability Report

If you receive a report for someone you hold accountable and it says “Activity Missing,” it could be for one of five reasons.

  1. The member did not install the Covenant Eyes app. The app must be installed before it can begin monitoring the screen. Once the app is installed, the Activity Missing reports should go away. If technical assistance with installation is needed, contact Member Care for free help.
  2. The member signed in to the app with the wrong username. Covenant Eyes attaches activity to the username that is signed into the app, i.e. Allison’s username is signed in to the app on John’s phone, so all activity on that device will appear on Allison’s report. For device-specific instructions about changing who is signed into the app, read How do I switch the username that is signed into Covenant Eyes?
  3. The member did not use their device during the reporting period. If the member did not use their device(s) during the reporting period, there was no screen activity to monitor. Find out if the member used their device(s) during the reporting period.
  4. The member upgraded the operating system on their Mac®. While operating system updates from Apple are not frequent, some Mac settings can be changed in the process. To resolve this, install the latest version of Covenant Eyes for Mac.
  5. The member is using a very old version of the Covenant Eyes app that does not support Screen Accountability. The solution is simple: log in and install the latest version.

No matter the situation, good accountability is conversational. Always keep the lines of communication open! If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

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