What is Activity Missing?

This article applies to older accounts that deliver activity info via email and My Account. The free Victory app provides 24/7 reporting; it is standard for all new accounts and available to all older accounts.

Activity Missing means Covenant Eyes didn’t monitor any devices.

Review each question below to ensure Covenant Eyes is working correctly, and resolve the “Activity Missing” email report notice for the member you are helping.

Did the member install Covenant Eyes?

The member must install the Covenant Eyes app on all their devices so we can monitor their activity.

Install Covenant Eyes on as many devices as you like for no extra charge:

Did the member sign in with their username?

The member should sign into Covenant Eyes with their username because we attach device activity to whichever username is currently in use.

Select a device for instructions about viewing the current username and how to switch users:

Did the member use their device?

There was no screen activity to monitor if the member did not use their device(s) during the report’s time frame.

Ask the member if they used their device(s) within the time frame of the email report. If they haven’t, all is well.

If the member did use their device during the report time frame, review the rest of this article or contact Member Care.

Did the member update their Mac® computer?

Apple’s Mac® operating system (macOS®) updates can cause Covenant Eyes to lose access to specific computer settings.

It’s possible that the member updated their computer and didn’t realize that Covenant Eyes is no longer working.

To resolve this, uninstall Covenant Eyes from the Mac® and reinstall the newest version of Covenant Eyes.

Is the member using an old version of Covenant Eyes?

The member may be using an outdated version of Covenant Eyes that is not working correctly.

  1. The member or Account Admin needs to generate an uninstall code and uninstall Covenant Eyes.
  2. The member then should reinstall Covenant Eyes.
  3. Next, the ally should wait a day or so and then generate a report via our online member portal My Account and see if we’re reporting activity.

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