Accountability app and the Google Play™ Store

On Wednesday, September 21, Google removed the Covenant Eyes sensor app from the Google Play™ Store because they believe it violates their malware policy. The situation is still developing, but we are committed to delivering the accountability you want on your Android™ devices.

Although this scenario is not common or desirable, we are adapting so we can serve our members. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

1. We submitted an appeal to Google because the Covenant Eyes app complies with its policies. Google did not give us any insight into the precise nature of the violation, but they did acknowledge that they received the appeal. At this point, we have to let the appeal process play out.

2. Created a different option for downloading the sensor app.
To learn about or use that process, see How do I download the Covenant Eyes Android™ app from My Account?

3. Explored short- and long-term options.
We hope Google considers our appeal and reinstates the Covenant Eyes app to the Google Play™ Store. If that doesn’t work out, we can still provide the Covenant Eyes app to members using an Android™ phone or tablet because Android™ is an open platform (you can install apps outside the Google Play™ Store).

4. We reached out to members who purchased a monthly subscription using Google’s in-app purchase system. While Google has been unspecific about how they’re handling in-app purchase subscriptions, we want to ensure service to those that still want it. If you bought Covenant Eyes via in-app purchase, you can log in to My Account and get the same service at a lower price (you’ll save $5.50/month!). In the billing section, you will select your subscription option (monthly or annual), review your billing info and click “Save!”

What happens if I switch from paying via in-app purchase to Covenant Eyes?

Our friendly Member Care team is happy to assist you if you need help downloading the sensor app or have any questions.