Prepare your family for a world without filters.

It’s not if a child will be exposed to porn, but when.

UNFILTERED: Equipping parents for an ongoing conversation about internet pornography helps parents prepare their kids for a world where pornography is readily available. You will learn:

  • Statistics and effects of pornography use and exposure
  • How to use parental controls effectively
  • The difference between blocking and discussing internet use
  • Simple parenting techniques to keep up with kids’ activities online
  • How to have healthy and God-centered conversations about sexual temptations and what we see and do online

See what your kids see.

The Covenant Eyes Screen Accountability™ service monitors your kids’ screens and takes periodic, blurred screenshots. Any detected pornography, as well as a selection of other screenshots, will be sent to you n a report that makes it easy to see what your kids enjoy, and where they may struggle. Add on our web porn blocking for an extra layer of protection.

Learn more about how Covenant Eyes works.