Connection problems on your iPhone® or iPad®? Read on.

If you're reading this, you've probably experienced some unexplained, annoying, or even infuriating problems with your internet connection when using Covenant Eyes app for iPhone®.

We know, our devices should just work, and when they don't it's frustrating. We're taking this issue seriously, and we're using this page to communicate with our members about it.

How to tell if you’ve had this issue

The experience may have looked something like this.

  • No data on cellular, particularly using LTE.
  • Websites and apps load data at extremely slow speeds
  • Wi-Fi access is not established, especially when moving between cellular and Wi-Fi

We've heard of these issues happening in situations like loading directions on a map app, getting into your car, and as you drive away your map app stops working—because your data connection failed. There's a variety of situations where this issue appears.

Information and Quick Troubleshooting

  • Members on Sprint networks often cannot connect to the internet over LTE. Once they switch to 3G, the connection works well.
  • Our VPN technology relies on DNS monitoring, meaning we monitor which domains are being accessed. For Sprint networks, our DNS requests are sent, but replies are never received. We’re investigating solutions to this problem, so stay tuned.
  • A smaller number of members lose internet access on both Wi-Fi and cellular. We first started hearing of this problem around the time iOS 14 was released, so it may be related. This is often, but not always, resolved by opening the Covenant Eyes app, tapping the avatar to open the menu, then selecting “Refresh Covenant Eyes”.
  • When using apps, or loading webpages, things might load much slower than normal. It’s tough to tell whether this is being caused by the Covenant Eyes VPN; do you have experience that might indicate whether it is?

Other Troubleshooting Steps


Beta Has Been Deployed

May 7, 2021

Two weeks ago, we told you that we’d have more information about a beta version of Covenant Eyes that we’ve been working on. This beta will help us gather information to help us better understand connectivity problems we’re hearing about on cellular data and WiFi.

Currently, we have a pool of participants that are testing this beta and providing


The iOS issue concerns all of us.
Let's work on a solution together.

Internet Connection on the Go

Want to help us figure this out?

Some of you have asked how you can help. Thank you!

Please leave a reply on this page describing what connection problems you have experienced. It seems Internet provider is an important factor, so please include both your home internet provider and your mobile carrier.

The connection problems we're seeing are complex and real-world examples can help pinpoint the exact causes.

iOS Connectivity Team

Your experience is our priority. We work collaboratively with brilliant and caring colleagues to craft the best digital experiences possible.

Collin Myers

Collin Myers


Ryan Sherrett

Ryan Sherrett


Dan Armstrong

Dan Armstrong


Robert Baxter

Robert Baxter

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Comments on “Latest Updates on iOS Connnectivity

  1. Nathanael Costa on

    Everyone in my family has trouble with CE on WiFi and Cellular. Both are through Xfinity (their cellular network runs on Verizon). I have to refresh Covenant Eyes 10-15 times a day. Can we get access to a beta version of new software?

    • Rashaad on

      Im on the latest iOS 14.4.2, iPhone 12 Pro max, Latest CE update. Im on T-Mobile. I find myself deleting the VPN constantly because everything loads so incredibly slow, regardless if I’m on wifi, 5G, or LTE. Tried uninstall, re-install, refresh. Same thing. The second I delete the VPN, my internet is blazing fast again…webpages, apps, images load instantly. The issue HAS to be the VPN.

    • Cameron Hampton on

      I lose connection randomly, it will show I’m connected to wifi, then show lte the vpn

    • Devin Anctil on

      I’m a sprint user and still having connection issues on LTE and coming from wifi to cellular data.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thanks for reaching out. I’ve asked a Member Care agent to contact you, just to make sure the basics have been covered.

    • Drew Vogelsang on

      Thank you for your constant updates – really appreciate the dedicated effort with this issue.

      I personally always experience a slow/non-existent internet connection whenever I start using the browser/other internet reliant apps (like Google or Apple Maps). Refreshing my connection via the Covenant Eyes browser often works, but only for web browsing. To refresh the connection for other apps I usually go to my iPhone general settings -> VPN -> and turn off the VPN. The VPN will automatically reconnect and that helps drives the connection moving forward. Eventually I need to refresh this – almost seems like there is a session duration that is disconnecting my internet access.

    • Tyron Dueck on

      I have basically no internet once I get off Wi-Fi. And almost every time it switches between Wi-Fi and data it will not connect at all. Often I have to restart my phone.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thanks for speaking up! For clarity, when you say “restart” does that mean a full reboot cycle, or just tapping the On/Off button? Also, which cellular network does your phone use? Thanks!

    • Robert Baxter on

      We appreciate your willingness to help out! For clarity, what exactly is slow – the CE app? Safari? all apps? the connection after switching from WiFi to data or vice versa? Thanks for pitching in!

  2. Amaury Almeyda on

    My internet connection ceases to work when I’m away from home. At home, once connected to our WiFi, I don’t have a problem. Away from home I can’t access any web sites and my “Find My” app doesn’t work either. My carrier is Sprint and my internet provider is Spectrum.


    • Robert Baxter on

      Some members on the Sprint network switched to 3G and found a connection that was more consistent. We know it’s slower and not a long-term fix, but it has worked for some people while waiting for the fix.

  3. Colin Redmond on

    I am on AT&T network through consumer cellular and have Spectrum WiFi at home and have issues on mainly WiFi.

  4. Dan on

    This still leaves many questions. On your last post you said that the estimated date for a fix is potentially months away.

    What’s the best case ETA right now?

    What was the significant issue you discovered when the team grew?

    What are you going to do for those of us affected in the interim? I would like to see some sort of credit or discount applied to my service until this is resolved.

    I know the software space well and understand the challenges of development cycles; truthfully though, the response to date feels like you lack confidence that there’s a viable solution coming anytime soon.

    I hope that B) isn’t true – but coming from somebody who relies heavily on what you provide, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place and am frustrated.

    • Matt Ebright on

      I echo these frustrations. I have not been able to use covenant eyes while at work due to connectivity issues on Wi-Fi there. At first I thought this would potentially get fixed within a few weeks or a few months, however the issues persist months later and I find myself not able to use covenant eyes despite signing up for a long-term deal and now wasting a significant amount of money. A discount or payback for the wasted money would be a reasonable token of apology.

    • José Antonio Morales on

      Me myself haven’t been able to use it ever since I updated iOS 14. I’m on Entel’s network in Chile, and everytime I’m away from home, my phone’s a brick, Waze won’t work at all, Whatsapp messages won’t either come or send, and I find myself refreshing CE 15 times in 1 hour. I have to remove the VPN connection so my phones usable, but can’t access any website.

      I think we should get a refund, I’m paying a software that’s not cheap for a service that I cannot use at all.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thank you for telling us about your experience. I’ll have a Member Care agent reach out to you.

  5. Colin Phillips on

    I have sprint/t-mobile iPhone and AT&T wi-fi connectivity. I am not able to browse with LTE in any capacity. I have some wi-fi browsing ability, however this is always very slow. I would be interested to learn how I can participate in any beta testing. Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Josh Keller on

      I’m also in this boat (iphone Sprint/T-mobile). Refreshing CE has not improved connectivity on LTE. Wifi seems fine, perhaps slow but not noticeably slow to me.

      Any updates or is there a beta that I can utilized. Feel frustrated paying for a product that doesn’t work.

  6. Robert on

    I have to turn off VPN and let it reset to access internet usually 2-3 times a day. It happens on cellular data (T-Mobile) and wifi (Xfinity).

  7. Jason C on

    I am using an iPhone SE (2020) running iOS 14.5 beta 3 and the latest release of CE. I’m on T-mobile and use Specturm WiFi. The issue have become less prevalent since updating to 14.5 beta, but it still occurs randomly. Though it is random, it always occurs when either switching wireless connections or to LTE/cellular. Can I also be contacted regarding the newest beta? I am fairly versed in technology and would love to contribute.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thx for the detailed comment. I’ll ask a Member Care agent to contact you, but let me share three things up front:
      – We believe the switching of connections (aka the handoff) is somewhat different than the connectivity issues.
      – The beta was targeted to improve the connection on the Sprint network. But, even though T-Mobile and Sprint are together, there are still differences in their networks.
      – Put together, those two items simply mean the beta might not do a thing for your experience.
      I share those things because I appreciate your interest and willingness to help and I want to be clear about what you can expect. Again, I’ll have an agent reach out so that you can try out the current beta if you would like to. We look forward to your feedback.

  8. Richard L Dyke Jr on

    I am having the same issue with Xfinity as above which goes on the verizon network. I also have xfinity at home. Apps load extremely slow and some never do. Apps like weather or Home Depot. Extremely frustrating. I want to use Covenant eyes for the accountability but if this continues, I will need to look for something else.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thank you for describing your experience. It sounds a little different than the majority of reports we’ve heard. So, while I would encourage you to try the standard suggestions found at, I want to mention one more.
      Awhile back we saw a filtering issue on Mac computers, but it was only for people using Xfinity. Some people had Xfinity’s Advanced Security feature turned on and they resolved things by simply disabling that feature. If you have that on, I’d suggest turning it off for a day or two to see if things get better on your phone. Obviously it’s not apples-to-apples, but it’s worth a try.

  9. Chris Womack on

    I have an iPhone 12. When I am home and connected to wifi, everything works. The second that I am off wifi I can’t connect. I thought I had solved it by enabling the apps I wanted to enable under screen time. That worked for about 10 minutes and then now it’s worse than ever and not working at my works wifi. Please help. I don’t want to uninstall but right now your app isn’t worth the frustration.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thanks for explaining your frustration. I’m curious to know which mobile network your phone is using. If you’re on the Sprint network, please know that some folks have seen connection issues fade away by switching over to 3G. I know it’s not the best solution because it’s a slower connection, but it can help until we solve the issue.

    • John Mark Bowers on

      Hi there, I’m also using a new iPhone SE 2020 and using Xfinity Mobile. When the VPN is installed, I lose access to cellular data, meaning my phone basically only works on WIFI which isn’t sustainable for me. Help! I need this accountability on this device.

  10. Donoven Gomez on

    Hello, so I have had this issue for almost a year now. I got the dev beta and downloaded it and immediately started having the issue. I found out though that restarting my phone worked so I did that for about 5 months. Then, I noticed that disconnecting and reconnecting the VPN worked and have been doing that ever since. It makes the whole CE thing almost pointless. I want to still stick with them but it is such an inconvenience every time I leave the house or get in my car I have to reconnect it. I really hope this issue gets fixed because other than that CE is amazing and has helped me so much. I hope it will be fixed very soon!

    • Donoven Gomez on

      I am also on an iPhone 12 and use AT&T and when I got it I completely started from scratch to see if that was the issue.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thank you for the kind words and for being so patient with us. I imagine that you’ve already removed that old beta, but, if not, please replace it with today’s default version (5.3.16). That version provides better information about connection issues and, in the long run, will help us address the inconveniences you’ve faced. Let me also encourage you to contact our Member Care team directly via phone (+1 989.720.8000) or chat. It’s free and one of the agents can work with you to make sure all of the bases have been covered.

  11. Matthew H. Selby on

    I have service through Consumer Cellular and Xfinity for home WiFi. It doesn’t matter if I am on a cellular connection through 5G, 4G, 3G, etc… or on WiFi, the connection is slow when it works and most of the time it doesn’t work. The only way to get a connection is to remove the VPN profile in settings. I keep the app installed and update it when an update is available and try again. I have device restrictions in place via Screen Time and use that.

    Also, when I do try to use the app it also interferes with use of CarPlay. Navigation doesn’t work and streaming through Apple Music is affected. It pretty much grinds to a halt ANYTHING that needs internet function including WiFi calling.

  12. Ken Bauer on

    Even though my phone shows cellular or WiFi working, my iPhone 12 does not have any connectivity at times. Safari, covenant eyes, apps, all no connection. Interestingly it seems to happen most mid day. I have Verizon w/ 5G. If I go to iPhone settings, turn off VPN, it’ll automatically turn VPN back on in 10-60 seconds and everything works for a time. I am sometimes doing this 1-5 times every afternoon.

    • Ken Bauer on

      I have seen the no connectivity issue when I’ve been on a solid WiFi network, and when I have been on a solid cellular network, not related to transitioning to or from. I’ll have my iPhone on WiFi all night, wake up and it’ll not load anything. Turn VPN off, wait for it to come back on and connect, phone initially goes to cellular then rejoins the WiFi, everything works whether I stay in cellular or rejoin WiFi. I’ll be out and about on cellular, using an app and mid use it loses data. Go to settings, turn off vpn, wait for it to turn on and connect, go back to my app and it works. Sometimes it works for a while, sometimes it locks up multiple times. I have experienced it on 5Guw, 5G, LTE, and WiFi. I have an iPad 11 pro with Verizon LTE currently on iOS 14.4.1 and CE and haven’t experienced a connectivity issue yet in either WiFi or cellular modes.

    • Robert Baxter on

      I appreciate the detailed description of the connection issues you’ve seen, thank you. As you know, version 5.4.0 was really targeted to help Sprint users and it helped many of them. I’m hopeful that our next round of work targeting connection issues will help a broad set of users. We’ll post updates about that work here on this page. Thanks again for the detailed description!

  13. Confidential on

    I have had an issue on iOS 13.x and 14.x on both wifi and cellular (AT&T). I can work around it if I toggle “connect on demand”. I’d like a permanent solution.

  14. Spencer on

    I deleted the app a while ago, but I have Verizon wireless and Xfinity home internet. The phone simply didn’t see an internet connection. It didn’t matter whether I was on WiFi or cellular. The problem was across the whole device… apps, web, etc. I tried the various fixes, which would usually work for about 5-10 minutes, and then my device would go back to believing I was not connected to the internet.

  15. Joseph on

    Whenever my phone disconnects from a WiFi network, it will no longer load anything (apps, websites, picture messages, emails, etc.) until I have manually turned the VPN off and back on. I’m able to test it by simply turning off the WiFi after having a good connection and then trying to load something. Nothing will load on cellular data, another WiFi network, or the same network, without resetting the VPN. I do not have Sprint, which I noticed was mentioned in the beta, but I have Verizon.

  16. Alex Moger on

    I have trouble with my iPhone 12 – many apps and websites just don’t load until refreshed multiple times, the VPN comes in and out, my wifi connection is consistently cut off. Have not noticed any problems on Mac and don’t use my iPad enough to say with certainty the problem exists there as well. But I did upgrade my phone in December and that didn’t fix the problem (had nearly the same exact issues on my old iPhone 8). Happens on both wifi and data

    Wifi provider: Xfinity
    Mobiel carrier: AT&T

  17. Mark on

    I am having the same kinds of problems others are mentioning here. I have been a Sprint customer for many years (now Sprint/T-Mobile) and my home internet is Xfinity. When I first loaded the VPN I couldn’t get online at all. I worried that CE would not be a solution for me at all. CE support instructed me to set to 3G and that has made it better. It is almost always slow – much slower than before I downloaded CE about 2 months ago. I walk the dog and run for exercise regularly and I always listen to music, books, podcasts, etc. while doing so. It is especially frustrating when I can’t listen outside because it buffers or just will not load. Sometimes the internet will not launch at all and I try to resolve the problem by resetting my iPhone. Perhaps this happens more when transitioning from cellular to wifi (I will pay more attention to try to isolate the problem). I’ll try the CE refresh and appreciate any other suggestions. Although it is frustrating, as others have expressed, I appreciate the empathy I sense as you convey your perception of the problem.

    • Robert Baxter on

      I appreciate your comments and agree with you about the 3G “fix,” we know it’s not practical for the long-term. In addition to looking at the connections with specific networks, we are looking at the CE VPN itself. Nothing is off limits as we try to solve the various connection issues we’re seeing. I also appreciate the kindness in your comments about frustration; those two things don’t always go together.

  18. Adam Gawarecki on

    I have Verizon for cellular and Spectrum/MetroNet for WiFi. I have to believe it is the VPN, since both networks are slow to load (if they ever do), but as soon as I delete the VPN, things go back to normal speeds. When I first reinstall the VPN things seems to work better at first, but then slow down again eventually. I have yet to identify a trigger for the slowdown.

  19. Mike on

    I’m on Sprint, now T-mobile. I cannot access the internet or get data when connected to the Sprint network. It works fine over Wi-Fi. I have tried all the troubleshooting techniques of refreshing network settings and changing to 3G but it doesn’t help. This started after I updated to iOS 14. I have resorted to using Duck Duck go browser since November 2020.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thanks for trying the troubleshooting techniques. The current beta hasn’t worked for everyone on the Sprint network, but it has been pretty effective. I’ll have a Member Care agent reach out to you with instructions.

  20. Ryan on

    I am experiencing the same issues as others. Verizon Cellular and Xfinity wifi. Slow connection speeds regardless of cellular/WiFi connection. This is making the app borderline unusable

  21. Drew on

    Simply wanted to add another data point: using an iPhone XR on AT&T, home internet provider is Xfinity (though I have this issue at work also, but I’m not sure who the provider is there), currently running iOS14.4.1, but have had issues since updating to iOS14. I am pretty confident that it is the VPN as my wife does not have this issue at all, and CE is the only difference I can think of. For me, the issue seems to occur most frequently when I switch network connections, whether from cellular to wifi or wifi to cellular. It doesn’t happen every time, and periodically I’ll have no issues for a day or two. The only solution that I have found is to power cycle the device. (I recently saw the suggestion of refreshing CE, so I’ll give that a go next time.) Some days I’m doing a power cycle 6, 8, 10 times. Other days I won’t have to do it at all. I’d say average is about 3-4 times per day.

    • Drew on

      Update: refreshing CE does fix the issue, so that is a nice improvement over a power cycle each time. And I actually have not had any issues for close to a week now. Here’s to hoping you guys fixed whatever it was!

  22. Matt on

    I have been experiencing the same issue. I am on the Sprint/T-Mobile network. At the beginning of my issue, I was using a Sprint SIM card. Recently, I have switched to a T-Mobile SIM card and experienced the same issue. Internet works when on Wifi, but not when using data. I have an iPhone X. I can make and receive calls as well as regular text messages (including iMessages), but cannot use the internet, any app that uses the internet (ESPN, Hulu, etc), or send/receive picture/video messages. None of the troubleshooting steps work for me. As soon as the CE VPN is initiated I have no internet access on data.

    I deleted CE from my phone and am using the iPhone filtering system as well as a few other methods to keep me accountable, but it is not perfect. I was unable to keep using my phone without internet, so I will appreciate when a fix is made available.

    Please let me know if you need any other information from me.

    • Robert Baxter on

      That’s a good explanation of your experience, thank you for sharing. The issue of internet on Wi-Fi, but not on Sprint data is what we’re targeting to fix with our next general release. Preliminary results of a beta version have been good for many, but not all, members on a Sprint network. We’ll let you know when it’s available for everyone.

  23. Christopher Anderson on

    I have iPhone on Sprint and have no connectivity at all on LTE. I have tried refreshing the connection, uninstalling and reinstalling CE and it never works on LTE. I also have some issues on WiFi. Service provider doesn’t matter as far as WiFi because it does it on multiple service providers.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thanks for trying those two options (refresh, uninstall/reinstall). When you have a moment, go to the App Store and upgrade to version 5.4.0. It was released today. As a beta version it was built to help people on a Sprint network. It didn’t solve every connection issue, but it did help a majority of people on a Sprint network.

  24. Sean on

    iPhone 11/AT&T/safari

    99% of the time when I switch from WiFi to Cellular the VPN does not pass through data. 99% of the time I can resolve by toggling off VPN and letting it reconnect on its own after about 30s.
    1% of the time it fails on WiFi, need to repeat steps, or need to restart phone.

    This has been happening for months but has gotten worse day by day. When it first started it was once a week or so. Now it is multiple times a day.

    None of the “fixes” are providing any help…

  25. Addam on

    On Verizon cellular, Century Link fiber with TP-Link mesh networking and router based DNS. Devices are iPhone 11 with latest iOS 14.4, MacBook Air and Windows based computers. We experience the occasional delay when our phones for whatever reason kick over from WiFI to LTE cellular while in the CE browser. It’s almost like the device cannot verify the WiFI so it reverts to LTE. Occasionally this happens too when away from WiFI completely and only using LTE; seems like CE VPN cannot confirm network and restarts itself. Mac / Windows machines have no issues as it is purely on WiFI.

    It’s nothing like what the other users are experiencing. I am sure your teams will figure it out! Keep up the awesome work. I appreciate this software as a man and a father doing what I can do to reflect Christ and filter out the loads of junk on the internet.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thank you for the kind words and, more importantly, for watching out for your family. Keep up the good work! These connectivity issues are quite challenging to experience and to solve, but we’re chipping away at them. Thx again!

  26. Craig Farlam on

    I am an Australian user and I am experiencing the same issues.
    My wifi is fine but I am unable to use the internet through my cellular network (4G).
    My network provider is Telstra (Australia).

  27. Isaac on

    In November 2020 I upgraded my phone from the iPhone XS Max to the iPhone 12. My old phone was not yet running iOS 14. The new phone came automatically with iOS 14 and I experienced internet connectivity problems right away with CE. I found out early on that the software switch was likely the culprit from your team. It certainly seems that way for me. I’m on the AT&T network and have connectivity problems consistently on both cellular and WiFi service. My ISP is Frontier Communications utilizing Verizon FiOs directly into a Google Nest Wireless router. My wife doesn’t have any of the problems I have with our internet. I can fix the connection issue by entering in the CE app and refreshing the settings. This works well for me, but I have to do it about 6 times a day. I see it does it when I leave WiFi or when I first connect to WiFi, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes I just lose it randomly during the day and I haven’t switched networks at all. Looking forward to the updated app. Thanks team!

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thanks for the detailed report. We did release version 5.4.0 today. It’s targeted at the Sprint network, so you might not see any changes in connectivity. But, at the same time, it is designed to give our developers better insight into connectivity issues and will help inform our next steps.

  28. Trevor on

    I have a iPhone 12 max pro and it works at my home WiFi century link and then bricks everything else when I leave my wifi. Maps doesn’t work, cell phone doesn’t work, email doesn’t work. However it looks like it is all working until I get wifi and messages appear and maps work again. Pretty annoying and it’s been doing this since November 2020. Majority of my income comes from phone calls I get landing jobs “work in the movie industry” and when I miss a call they just move to the next guy down the list. I just started deleting the app because I’m loosing work by not having my phone working while not realizing it. I hope a fix comes out soon. My cellular network is T-Mobile.

  29. Craig Christensen on

    My iPhone with CE installed on iOS 14 is loading several apps very slowly or only after refreshing over and over again. I am on Xfinity Mobile cell phone service. Please fix this issue ASAP!

  30. Craig on

    I would be interested in other solutions that are available for accountability while waiting for a resolution. It has been months of dealing with performance issues and the app crashing and we can’t go on like this. We want accountability for our family so any recommendations would be appreciated.

    • Robert Baxter on

      I will ask a Member Care agent to reach out to you. If you are on a Sprint network, I would encourage you to try the version that came out today (5.4.0). In its beta form it was fairly successful at resolving connection issues for members on a Sprint network.

  31. Mason on

    iPhone 12 version 14.4.1 I find that I’m having to have the vpn off more than on. I was on the sprint network with same issues but recently switched to Verizon cell service and have AT&T WiFi. It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m on WiFi or cell service it constantly gives me issues. I’ll usually have the vpn on in the mornings but after having to reset 5-10 times and not getting service I have to shut it off so my phone is usable. I use my phone quite a bit for work and need it to work when I needed it. I’ve been a user of CE for almost 5 years and it’s almost not worth paying for monthly usage.

    • Moriah Bowman on

      Hi Mason!

      Thank you for sharing the details and concerns of your experience! I will have one of our Member Care Agents reach out to you.


  32. Nathan on

    I started having issues with Covenant Eyes on my iPhone 12 last fall (around the time that iOS 14 was released). I first noticed the issues happening (as described on the page above) as I’m getting into my car and trying to get directions, but the directions will not load because my phone apparently has trouble making the switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data. Usually hitting refresh a few times in the CE app will resolve this…but it’s incredibly frustrating when I’m rushing to an appointment and have to interact with my phone this much just to get directions…I have a 200 Mbps Spectrum Wi-Fi plan at home and have an AT&T 5G Unlimited cellular data plan. I occasionally have Covenant Eyes (VPN?)-related issues with connectivity at home with my iPhone on Wi-Fi. I’ll be watching a movie or browsing the web and I’ll briefly lose connection or notice the VPN refreshing or something. My wife—who doesn’t have CE on her devices—never experiences these connectivity issues (so I assume they are not related to our Wi-Fi in general). However, I ALWAYS experience this issue when my phone switches from Wi-Fi to cellular data. Generally, once I’ve refreshed Covenant Eyes and gotten my phone to successfully connect to one or the other, the connectivity issues are rare. I hope this information helps.

    • Moriah Bowman on

      Hi Nathan!

      Thank you for sharing the details and concerns of your experience! I will have one of our Member Care Agents reach out to you.


  33. Tim Collins on

    I also have been dealing with constant issues since going to iOS 14. It’s made my phone unusable a lot of the time. My cellular service is AT&T and internet service at home that I use for WiFi is Frontier. The issue is most noticeable when I’m away from home on cellular. The only way I’ve been able to get around it is to toggle VPN off and wait for to it turn back on and the times that doesn’t work doing a force restart on the phone. I’ve had times where I’ve had to go thru those steps 2 or 3 times before finally getting it to work. One time that happened I was driving in a bad rainstorm and trying to get the Maps to work so I could avoid wrecks so it was pretty maddening.

    • Moriah Bowman on

      Hi Tim!

      Thank you for sharing the details and concerns of your experience! I have shared your comment with our Member Care Team and they will reach out to you shortly!


  34. Nathanael C on

    As others have asked, can you give us information on a timeframe until this gets fixed? This is getting frustrating to pay for a service that hasn’t worked for months with no end in sight for non-Sprint users.

    • Moriah Bowman on

      Hi Nathanael,

      Great question! I have shared this with our Member Care Team and they will reach out to you.


  35. Cameron’s on

    I have been having the issue of “VPN” appearing on my iPhone top right where battery is. Goes from wifi to lte. That’s been an issue for over an year now
    And it’s gotten worse recently. I had at the. Moved to verIzon 6 mos ago and no different.

    Xfinity home internet; problem occurs even when connected to LTE and not wifi

    • Moriah Bowman on

      Hi Cameron!

      Thank you for sharing the details and concerns of your experience! I have shared your comment with our Member Care Team and they will reach out to you shortly.


  36. emma on

    my data hasn’t been working well, my apps won’t load and my web pages won’t load. imessages occasionally go through but not always. my phone will also sometimes drop my wifi connection at work or show that it’s connected but nothing will load there either.
    my cell phone provider is Koodo. i haven’t had issues with my home wifi and i’m not sure which provider we have.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Glad to hear that your the connection on home wifi is working fine. I’ll have a Member Care agent reach out about the data connection.

  37. Austin on

    I saw the email about a solution a couple of days ago but I do not think it has been resolved for me. I have Sprint and cannot access cellular data when I am using LTE. If I delete Covenant Eyes from my phone, the problem immediately goes away. Covenant Eyes customer service (who were super nice and helpful by the way) advised me to switch to 3G when I called a few weeks ago and that does work though 3G is almost impossibly slow. Am I missing something about the newest fix? Is there something I can do to now access LTE?

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thank you for the kind words about our customer service team, and for trying out that suggestion. The fix should’ve been apparent nearly immediately, so I doubt there’s anything else I can suggest to help you get back on LTE. However, I will have a rep reach out to you, just to make sure the bases we can cover are covered.

  38. Abigail on

    I was planning to update my phone until I got the email about connectivity issues. The data LTE on my phone hasn’t been working for over a month now. It just so happened it stopped right before I switched carriers so I knew it wasn’t a carrier issue. Also-my husband has an android and we both had xfinity and my LTE didn’t work and His worked great. I switched to T-Mobile because we moved and nothing changed-still unable to use LTE. Glad I got your email or I may have been looking into buying a new phone. When I got the email I immediately deleted the VPN my data started working just fine. I’ve had this app on my phone for YEARS with no issues-so I hope we can get back to that place soon. For now I’m just going to have the VPN disabled and hope that very soon you can resolve this issue. I’m operating from a Apple IPhone 6S

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thanks for explaining your experience; we appreciate that! Thanks also for using the email for a little bit of DIY. Improving connections on the Sprint network was our first target. We’re still evaluating that shot and hope to do as well, or better, with our next “connection target.”

  39. Pete on

    Hi there,

    I have been experiencing connectivity issues as described above, both while on WiFi and using data. Speeds while browsing and within apps have been very slow. If there is anything I can do to help test or troubleshoot to get to a solution, please let me know.

    I am using an iPhone 12, running iOS 14.4.1. Wireless is Visible (runs Verizon 5G and 4G LTE) and xfinity WiFi at home.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Sorry to hear that, but I do appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. I’ll have a Member Care agent reach out to you with some questions.

  40. Marc on

    I emailed you about this issue in November. Apparently I’m in the “smaller number” who just see slowdowns in every app, whether on wifi or cell. I troubleshot via email and in a phone call with your support, and we confirmed the problem immediately went away with CE uninstalled. I offered back then to try out betas, send more info, watch traceroutes on my router, whatever. Still incredibly frustrated, still willing to help if we can get this fixed.

    I’m on Cricket (AT&T), iPhone 12, iOS 14.4.2. My home wifi is Ziply Fiber.

    • Robert Baxter on

      The current version in the App Store (5.4.0) was built to improve connections on Sprint. Even though it won’t likely impact your experience on Cricket, I would encourage you to upgrade so that base is covered. At the same time, I’ll have a Member Care agent contact you about our latest beta. In terms of network connections it shouldn’t be different than the current download. But, because of your willingness to try and the fact that sometimes the little changes have an unanticipated side effect, I’d like to get you set up with that beta. The agent will reach out this week.

  41. L on

    I think I’ve got a similar issue. I’m on iOS 14 with CE. Very recently, my Internet will “choke”. I have to turn off the VPN to get it to restart and then things start working again. Happens multiple times a day.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Just curious, does using the refresh option in the Covenant Eyes app make a difference for your connection? Thank you.

  42. Adam on

    Just putting my experience out there, for data’s sake. I’m on IOS 14, ATT, and Comcast Business internet at home. I probably have to refresh my VPN connection 5-10 times per day, sometimes only minutes after the last time I did it. I’m experience lack of data connectivity on both Wifi and cellular, on a system level. My first indication is that Siri stops working (tells me it has a problem, or that it can’t help me right now). Sometimes it’s maps, safari, mail, and just recently my “home” app wouldn’t update with my device status when I was inside the house on wifi. A VPN refresh fixed it instantly.

  43. Jonathan Sheehan on

    I’m having issues on all iOS 14 versions. Att&t iPhone 11 Pro Max. General slowdown across apps. Have to refresh or turn off vpn multiple times a day.

    Also, when getting on Delta Wi-Fi on a plane, my devices won’t get past the captcha page. Very hard when i was recently on 40 hours of travel in a few days time.

  44. Rob on

    Updated CE to 5.4.0
    Enabled VPN
    I’m can connect to the internet via wi-fi, but still not via cellular data.
    Disabled VPN

    Carrier: Sprint
    iOs version: 14.4.2
    Device: iPhone 8

  45. Josh on

    I am having the same issues. I have Sprint on my iPhone XR iOS14. Data is very slow if it works, app that use internet don’t work outside of wifi. My home wifi is very slow as well and sometimes does not load. My Covenant Eyes app says I have Version 5.3.16 and I don’t know have to get the 5.4 or the Beta version. It is frustrated to keep using this app when it doesn’t work well with my phone. If I’m traveling and need to use my maps I have to turn the VPN off and everything works great.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Sorry for the confusion. At this point, you don’t need to get the beta version because the version you mentioned (5.3.16) should’ve automatically updated to 5.4.0. If you have Covenant Eyes version 5.4.0, then you have the build that improved the connection experience for many Sprint users.

  46. William Sadler on

    Verizon user on iPhone 11. Handoffs are failing from WiFi to cellular and vice versa. I’ve refreshed CE multiple times, reinstalled CE, etc but still experiencing very slow browsing. I did notice that once VPN is off my browsing speed picks up significantly. Seems VPN may be the issue.

    Thanks for all you guys are doing to solve this issue. I know from speaking to customer service that some of this is out of yours hands.

  47. Shane Murphy on

    This morning i could not open up two apps that have podcasts and it just showed that it was checking for updates. I had to delete the covenant eyes app then re-download and it worked fine afterwards but id rather not do that obviously.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thanks for describing your connection issue; we agree that such a workaround is not ideal. I realize that you may have been on wifi at that time, but, out of curiosity, which cellular network are you on?

  48. Nathan on

    I have been using the latest iPhone app update and it seems about the same so far. My phone still has trouble making the switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data and my phone (iPhone 12 Pro with Covenant Eyes) frequently feels “throttled”: webpages load slower, apps requiring data respond more slowly compared to my wife’s phone (iPhone 12 mini without Covenant Eyes on the same networks) or slower than if I use my phone with CE temporarily uninstalled. Usually hitting refresh a few times in the CE app will resolve this…temporarily.

    (I have a 200 Mbps Spectrum Wi-Fi plan at home and have an AT&T 5G Unlimited cellular data plan.)

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thank you for chiming in! I appreciate you taking the time to tell us about your experience with the refresh option.

  49. Gary Johnson on

    Last week while on a trip my iPhone 11 stopped working on cellular data. Wifi was also problematic. Long story short I now have a brand new iPhone 12. I was frustrated and took a chance with a new phone. I am an ATT customer. Diagnosing the problem was difficult. All appearances were that it was an internal problem with the phone. We’ll luckily I had the cash to do this. You don’t realize how connected you are until your phone goes awol.

  50. Nathanael C on

    In response to the most recent update, I have incredibly slow connections that refreshing usually fixes (although sometimes only for 5 minutes). As a specific example, I took a different road than my maps app was expecting, and it took literally 5 minutes for it to figure out a new route because CE was so slow.

  51. Esteban B on

    Welp, it continues to be an issue on iOS (14.4.2) with AT&T. I appreciate the service that Covenant Eyes provides, but for the monthly cost I hope that this get’s resolved. For several years now, I’ve had slow connection using all versions of CE (currently on 5.4.1) -it is perhaps a cost to pay for the accountability, but again I hope it gets resolved. This has occurred on several iOS devices, versions and networks, but it still lags, appears to disconnect and I need to refresh settings sometimes 5 or more times per day. Please work on this issue. I’ve considered other filtering providers that may be able to resolve this issue.

  52. Tim on

    iPhone XS on 14.4.2 (18D70) T-Mobile cellular and UVerse home internet.

    Frequently have to refresh CE and many times when I go to CE to refresh as the internet seems to not be working… CE appears to have lost the VPN and it requires the app to release stall the CE VPN.

  53. Corey on

    Things are quite a bit better! Yes, I do experience that transition problem when I’m leaving home as I get out of WiFi range. Usually it is just a delay, but sometimes it disconnects completely. Sometimes there is a slow load on getting to a website. Frankly, I have completely abandoned the CE browser due to slow loading. The refresh action has helped before, but who wants to do that all the time?

    • Robert Baxter on

      I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. I’m glad you’ve seen an improvement, that’s good to hear! But we do want to make things more seamless; thanks again!

  54. Chance on

    Not sure if I have much info that will help, but I’m running iPhone SE (2nd gen) with Cox home internet and Cricket. On my home internet, occasionally I’ll have a page that hangs while loading. Using the Refresh button seems to help. I haven’t used the browser enough on cellular to tell if there are issues, but I can always switch to that if it would help. I have unlimited data.

  55. Lorenzo Ragni on

    Hi, I’d like to report my experience too, if it can be any helpful.
    After the last update I’m having far less problems with the *Wi-Fi – LTE and then back to Wi-Fi* transition. It does work at least 70 to 80 % of the time (while before this update refreshing was almost mandatory). That being said, I’m still experiencing some random connection losses both on LTE and WiFi a while AFTER the switch (often some minutes later). It does look like if at some point the VPN connection decides to reset itself (with no network switching happening) and after that “second” jump over the same network it loses contact with the DNS server. As usual refreshing the connection through the CE browser solves the issue. How about implementing some kind of really ugly google ping that resets the connection whenever it goes down just as a temporary fix?
    Thank you very much for your effort
    iOS 14.4.2, Covenant Eyes here

    • Robert Baxter on

      Appreciate the detailed report about your network-switching experience! We’re glad to hear that you’re seeing less problems. Out of curiosity, which cellular network are you on? Thanks for taking the time to chime in!

    • Lorenzo Ragni on

      Thank you for your kind answer; my cellular network is Vodafone Italy (I know that wasn’t the answer you hoped for haha)
      Anyway keep up with the good work, I’m looking forward to try some new tech from CE :)
      Best regards

  56. dh on

    I lose connectivity on wifi within a few minutes of installing the CE app on iOS 14.4.2 (iPhone Xs). I’m connecting from Canada; my ISP is Telus Communications.

    My setup:
    My router is configured so that DHCP clients are given the router’s IP address for their DNS server. The router is running a local DNS cache and uses CleanBrowsing’s DNS servers as its upstream DNS.

    My router blocks all other requests on TCP and UDP port 53 (e.g. any other DNS server), except for requests from my iPhone, which is allowed to access and (because my router logs showed that the CE app was trying to access those IP addresses on port 53; those addresses correspond to Google’s DNS servers).

    My iPhone has screen time enabled, but content blocking is not enabled.

    My process:

    While connected to local wifi with cellular “Wi-Fi Assist” disabled
    Install CE app
    Launch app; login to account; enable VPN and push notifications via first run setup steps
    Launch Safari; reload page a couple of times until VPN connects; reload page a couple more times until page stops loading loading and all connectivity (e.g. logging in to iCloud) is disabled; takes about 15 seconds from VPN connection until connectivity is lost
    Power off device and reboot; open Safari and repeat previous step; again connectivity is lost aprox. 15 seconds after the VPN connection is established.

    • Robert Baxter on

      You have an interesting setup! Thanks for breaking down your situation and sharing what you’ve noticed!

    • DH on

      Whoops! Just found out that my router was blocking access from my phone to Google DNS, thanks to my iPhone deciding to assign a new private wifi address to itself. (basically a new virtual MAC address for each wireless network to prevent tracking).

      Seems to be more stable now, haven’t had any issues for the past couple of hours, but also haven’t had a chance to leave wifi range and transition to cellular. Fingers crossed!

  57. James Holt on

    iOS 14.4.2. iPhone 8 Plus. Bell Canada. Latest CE update.
    Feel like the latest updates for both iOS and CE have made my issue worse. For a while it was really bad then one of them updated first and it was only once or twice a day. But now every time I leave home wifi and then return I have to reset VPN and sometimes it actually requires VPN reinstall. My work phone doesn’t have as much of the same problem but I do need to reset VPN a couple of times a day as well.

  58. Tom on

    Every time I leave my home WiFi and move to cellular connection my internet connection fails. The only solution is to go to the front page of the iOS settings app and turn the VPN off. It turns itself on again in a minute or so. And then the issue is fixed.
    This fixes the issue every time, but the issue happens every time.

    Device: iPhone 12 Pro
    Country: Australia
    Network: Vodafone

    • Robert Baxter on

      Glad you found a reliable workaround for your connection issue. Thank you for the clear description of your experience!

  59. Rob on

    T-Mobile sent me a new SIM card as part of their merger with Sprint. After installing the new T-Mobile SIM card, it looks like the VPN is now working when not on WiFi.

  60. Eric Hankins on

    I’ve been experiencing this issue for… maybe 8 months or more? A long time. I feel like it started before iOS 14 but maybe it didn’t. I work at home and hardly ever leave the house.

    The recent updates have improved things for sure, but we still aren’t there.

    Since I’m always at home the best solution I’ve found is to turn off my cellular. Phone calls still work since wifi calling.

    I’m a software engineer, I run the iOS betas, and I’d be glad to help test the beta version of the app.

    Network: T-Mobile
    Country: US
    Device: iPhone Xr
    OS: 14.5 (18E5199a)

    • Robert Baxter on

      Glad to hear that you saw some improvement, and yes, there’s more work to do. I’ve asked a Member Care agent to connect with you; it would be interesting to get a few more details on what your “engineer eyes” have noticed. Thanks for commenting!

  61. Dan on

    Hello. I have regular trouble with connecting through apps on my phone. Examples are, bank apps, Playstation app, or any apps that rely on a network connection for content or updates. I do not have a browser enabled or installed, including the Covenant Eyes app. I am able to refresh my network connection by turning off the CE VPN. I get a warning about accountability, and wait for the auto-reconnect. Once the VPN is connected, I am back in business. I loose connection 2-5 times a day – sometimes I don’t leave my house, so network handoff shouldn’t be a factor there. Most of the time, though, I notice a correlation between lost connectivity and network handoff (i.e., moving from cellular to wifi or vice versa). Thanks.

    • Robert Baxter on

      Thanks for sharing. When you have a moment, please let us know which Wi-Fi provider you are using and whether or not the provider has any filters or security items running on the Wi-Fi. You also mentioned seeing trouble in the handoff. Can you share a little more about that? Does it make a difference if you’re going from Wi-Fi to data, or the other way around? Do you have to “fix” the post-handoff connection or does the connection eventually restore itself? What cellular network are you on? Thanks for your help!

  62. Abigail on

    Nothing has changed for me as far as connectivity issues. Wifi is fine, but cellular data doesn’t load at all. It was this way on xfinity mobile and it began sometime in February-before that it worked with no issues. For other reasons we switched carriers since then. I’m now with T-Mobile and it is no different. VPN is currently deactivated on my iPhone cause I can’t use any cellular data when it is activated.

  63. Abigail on

    Okay-I literally just posted a comment saying that it’s still not working. I had reactivated the VPN to see if it was working (and it wasn’t) right before posting the comment. Well I went to go uninstall the VPN again-and in the process I saw that cellular data had somehow got turned off for my covenant eyes app. I switched it on, VPN still activated and viola! Data works perfectly no issues!


    Not sure if you have asked users to make sure they have their celular data turned on for covenant eyes – but that fixed the issue for me.

    • Robert Baxter on

      It’s good to hear that your connection has improved! Thanks for taking the time to report it, we appreciate it!

  64. AH on

    On Telus

    Doesn’t work on WiFI nor Celluar.

    Have tried reinstalling, refresh button, closing browser, turning phone off and on, switching from Wifi to celluar and vice versa.

    Been dealing with for months now. This is garbage.

    If not resolved soon I’ll look to other options.

  65. DW on

    Hello! I’ve been attempting to resolve this issue for the past months without even thinking to check the CE website until today. I am another iOS 14 user that experiences extremely slow Internet, be it apps (Facebook, Mail, Amazon, CoinBase, IMDB, etc) or browsing (CE. Safari, Chrome, and Edge). I recently attempted a full iCloud backup -> factory reset -> restore on my phone wondering if it was something glitchy in iOS. I have wanted to “give it plenty of time” before just switching off the VPN. Today I uninstalled the VPN and BOOM, connections are made lickety-split! (Over the past month+, connections take anywhere from 10-360 seconds to start data flowing.) We use Wide Open West for our ISP, and we have Cricket / AT&T (adults) and Red Pocket / Verizon (kids) for our cellular. It does not seem to matter which we use. Another user posted disabling the VPN and letting it auto reconnect; I have not tried this but will for the next several days and report back.

    I would be more than happy to sign up for your beta releases to gather more data.


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