Nathan Clark George

Physical intimacy is one of God’s greatest gifts, given to married couples to strengthen their bond, express their love, and, of course, build God’s kingdom through procreation. Naturally, it is one of Satan’s biggest targets as he seeks to destroy what is pure, right, and beautiful. Just as a diet of junk food will inhibit one’s ability to enjoy fresh produce from the garden, so pornography will suppress one’s godly desire for marital intimacy, replacing it instead with lies and perversions (Romans 1:23-32).

I experienced one form of these perversions as a child at the hand of a family friend, so I know that this issue has very real consequences in an over sexualized society. The years following were full of struggles, turmoil, many temptations, and lots of self pity. But God has a way of using failure to make his love known in a more meaningful way. And, as I found, He can use both negative and positive circumstances to effect a lasting change in one’s life.

Now, as an adult, it is heartbreaking for me to realize how many marriages are effected by pornography. I truly want to protect and prepare my family for the onslaught of all the temptations that await them. And, if in some small way I can encourage other fathers to take that bold step as well, that will be icing on the cake. I am certainly not immune from temptation, however strength for the last 11 years has come directly from a gift God gave me:my wife. When we made the decision to travel together as a family 4 years ago, I wasn’t thinking of the protection and accountability that would provide me, but it certainly has been the case. And now it is our greatest desire to maintain an open and transparent relationship of accountability and honesty. This type of decision may not be practical for many couples, but I would encourage husbands and wives to be willing to consider drastic measures for the sake of purity.

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