John Fort

I was sexually abused as a child by a neighbor over a period of nine years and became addicted to sex and pornography by the time I was eleven. Raised in a Christian home, I felt shame going to church, certain that no one else had the secret sins I did. I compensated by pretending to be as good or better than anyone else in church. All the while, I was continuing to use pornography and seek out sexual encounters.

I thought marriage would help. It didn’t. Four years into marriage my wife figured out that I was having sex with someone else and gave me an ultimatum: see a counselor or leave. I found a Christian counselor who specialized in sexual addiction and joined a Christian support group for men who were sex addicts. My wife saw a counselor as well and found a support group for wives of sex addicts.

That was 13 years ago. My marriage is restored and I have two beautiful children. I continue in accountability and have taken measures to ensure pornography does not enter my life again. My entire life now focuses around recovery and helping others find hope and healing. Both my wife and I lead support groups for those affected by sexual addiction.

By far most of the music I write today is about my journey to sexual healing.