Dan Adler

Dan Adler is a singer, songwriter, publisher, producer, minister and leader of the Heart of the City Worship Band. He’s the co-founder of Heart of the City Ministries: a multi-ethnic music ministry focused on calling the Church to Biblical unity. He’s written over 180 songs and has recorded over 10 CD’s.

Dan has also been a user of Covenant Eyes for over 7 years and has an accountability relationship with another pastor friend. They have met together weekly for over 7 years.

His solo CD, “Songs for the Battle” was released in October 2009. This CD was done in conjunction with the National Coalition for Purity. The 17 songs on this CD deal with the spiritual battle for purity and integrity in the life of a Christian. There are songs of exhortation, songs of honest struggle and failure, prayers for revival and healing and songs of praise and gratitude for God’s grace and mercy. You can read more about Dan’s ministry and order this CD at HeartOfTheCity.org or through iTunes.com.

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